How to email a questionnaire

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  1. Sites - Adding Email recipients to a Site
  2. Admin - Enable Email to contact
  3. Tablet - Adding email recipients

Sites - Adding Email recipients to a Site

You can email a report from within a package or email a pdf audit report to any external party from the Signoff screen.

To setup the Email recipients (Site Contacts) go to Sites > select a Site [1] > Contact 1/2/3 [2]


In the Contact details the Name & Position [3] and Email address [5] fields must be filled in. Entering a Phone or Mobile number [4] is optional.

Click Save [6] when done.

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Admin - Enable Email to contact

To make sure the Contacts details are accessible via the Tablets, go to Admin > Configure [1] > Monitor Tablet section > Email report to Contact Checkboxes [2]


Enter an Email Report Subject title [3] that will be the default subject title for all emails sent with attached report.

Enter an Email report body text [4] that will be the default content in the email body.

Click Save [5] when done.

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Tablet - Adding email recipients

When creating an inspection on the tablet, the user is given the option to add additional recipients (or replace default recipients). In the Monitor app select a site, open the questionnaire and tap Email [1].


In the To field [2] add a new email address, to add multiple email addresses separate each email address with a semicolon (;).

You can edit the Subject [3] and Body [4] fields by tapping on them to open the keyboard.

Use the Selections checkboxes [5] to select which details you want included in the Report that is being generated and emailed.

Tap OK [6] to send the email/s.

NOTE: Once the inspection is signed off, you can no longer update the recipient list as this is not accessible through the mobile device.

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