Installing Cypad on an Android device

Cypad can be manually installed onto an android device using this guidance.

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How to install cypad onto an android device.

Installing Cypad

  1. To install the Cypad App you will need to manually download the CypadSQM Application.apk file from by clicking on the Download link [1].
  2. Press Download [2].
  3. Press the Open File [3] option to begin the installation process.
  4. Upon pressing Open File, a new security pop-up will appear. Within this alert Press Settings [4].
  5. Enable the 'Allow from this source Toggle' [5].
  6. Press the Back Button [6] top return to the installation screen.
  7. Press Install [7] to begin the installation.
  8. Once the installation has finished, press Open [8].

Configuring Cypad Application

  1. Press on the Organisation Field [1] and enter the provided organistion name, if this information is unknown please contact your area manager.
  2. Once the information has been entered, press Ok [2].
  3. Within the login screen enter your provided Username [3] and Password [4] credentials.
  4. Once the information has been entered, press Logon [5].
  5. If the login credentials are correct, the tablet will now request you to perform a sync which will upload all the modules and features you have subscribed to. Press the Sync Button [6] to begin this process.
  6. During the Sync a Security alert will prompt you to allow the installation, press Settings [7] to open the approval screen.
  7. Enable the Allow from this source Toggle [8].
  8. Press the Back Button [9] to return to the installation screen.
  9. To complete the updates, press Install [10].
  10. Upon completion click Got It [11] within the pop-up to start using the App.
  11. The What’s New [12] button will open a page that will detail the most current features and functions available on the App.
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