Installing Cypad on an Android device

To install the Cypad App you will need to manually download the CypadSQM Application.apk file from by clicking on the Download link [1] then confirming you want to Download [2] the file.


After downloading the com.cypad.sqm.apk file click the Open File [3] option to begin the installation process. When Installing the Cypad App click Settings [4] on the Security alert Allow [5] the Installation.


Click the Back button [6] to return to the installation screen, click Install [7] and when the installation is complete click the Open [8] option.

When the Cypad App opens on the AutoConfig screen enter your Organisation Name [1] and click OK [2].


In the Login screen enter your Username [3] and Password [4] then click Login [5]. This will take you to a Sync screen where you will need to initiate a Sync [6] with the database to upload all the modules and features you have subscribed to.

During the Sync a Security alert will prompt you to allow the installation, click Settings [7] to open the approval screen to enable Allow from the source [8].


Click the Back button [9] to return to the installation screen.

To continue the installation click Install [10] to complete the updates.


When the updates are complete click Go It [11] to start using the App.

The What’s New [12] button will open a page that will detail the most current features and functions available on the App.