Orders - Retrospective order delivery dates

Orders can now be created retrospectively with the delivery date set in the past so that costs can be allocated to the correct trading period and order training can be performed without placing an order by accident.

NOTE: When the order is placed in the past it’s Status [2] will be logged as In Progress.

The following date ranges can be applied when creating retrospective orders.

  • Date selected can be in the past
  • Date selected can be today
  • Date selected can be at the weekend.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Orders > select a Site [1] > New Order [3]


Select a Supplier [4]> click Next [5] > Set the stock item Order values > set the Delivery Date [6] for one of the date ranges detailed above.


Click Recording Purposes Only [9] to record the retrospective order.


NOTE: The Submit [10] button will be unavailable for retrospective orders.