Students - Menu templates for allergy and non-allergy students

School administrators can now assign a special menu to any pupil, not just those with allergies. Special menus will make it possible to meet student’s dietary or lifestyle requirements e.g. Vegan.

  This article will teach you...

How to assign a Menu template for allergy and non-allergy students.

Go to Payments > Students > select a Student from the class list to open up a new window

In the Student Tab [1] > Click on the  Menu Template Dropdown [2] > select a Menu Template [3] (i.e. Gluten Free Menu) 


When a special menu is assigned to a non-allergy child, the special menu options are available to the child when selecting a meal on the whiteboard.


Dietary Requirements and Allergies remain active if a Theme day menu is applied to a site/area, making it possible for these students to keep their Special Menu items.