Temperature Check App - Bluetooth thermometer connectivity

A Bluetooth thermometer can now be connected to the tablet and used to record readings to the Kitchen Manager App. Refer to Use the Bluetooth thermometer on the tablet for QuickRef video.

Go to Kitchen Manager > open Temperature Check [1] > click Yes [2] to turn on the device Bluetooth (this will happen the first time you use the temperature check)


The thermometer connects to the device and confirms when the Thermometer is connected [3]. When this is done, identify any Menu item [4] that does not have an Assigned template. Click on the Menu item [4] and press Add Template [5].


Templates that have already been assigned will be Greyed out [6]. Select a Temperature template [7] to add, then press Save [8].


With the recording templates updated, open the Menu item [4] and select the Cooking template [9] (cooked temperature). Push the probe into the cooked pizza, when the Temperature reading [10] goes green it has met the template’s cooked temperature range. Press Done [11] to record the temperature, the Menu item will have a Pass (tick) [12] or Fail (cross) on it to confirm the temperature has been recorded.


NOTE The recorded data can be accessed by the Administrator on the Desktop Kitchen Manager. New templates can only be created on the Desktop which will establish a Pass/Fail temperature range for different food items from cooking to serving.