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  1. Menu Item Sub Type colour tags
  2. Temperature Templates

Menu Item Sub Type colour tags

Administrators Add [1] new Menu Item Sub Types and Assign a colour to new and existing Menu item [2] sub types. The colours are not pre-defined, this is the responsibility of the administrator to assign the colours (e.g. Blue = Fish) for menu items.


After clicking Add or an existing Menu Item you can edit the Description [3] field for the Menu Item and click the Select colour [4] check box to assign a colour.

To select a colour, click the Colour Box [5] to the right of the check box and select a colour from the Colour Picker [6] then click Save [7].

NOTE For this feature to work properly the Menu Type [1] and Sub Type Item [2] must be applied to the Menu Items. Refer to Menus - Items, Menus & Templates.


When colours have been assigned to menu item sub types the coloured dots will be automatically applied to the whiteboard meal selection screen where teachers and students can see the Sub Type Item [2] Colour dot against each Menu Item.


After a student has made their meal selections it possible for the teacher to hand out the coloured wristbands to each student before they collect their meal.


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Temperature Templates

The Temperature Templates are applied to the Temperature Check App in Kitchen Manager, refer to Temperature Check App for more information on using the Temperature Check App.

The Templates created here will be available in the App and used for setting the Lower limit [1] and Upper limit [2] temperatures. 


There are four default values already available, these can be used as generic templates for most cooked foods. To meet health and safety requirements for other food items click the Add [3] button to create a new template. Give it a Name [4] (e.g. Cooked Chicken), set the temperature for the Lower limit and the Upper limit. 

NOTE You cannot delete templates from this list, use the Archive [5] tick box to hide it from the Temperature Check App.

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