Version 27 Overview

Key Changes

Tablet - Meal Register: Disabling 'Select' button if no meals have been selected

When using Meal Selection, the Select button will be disabled until a Main meal is selected as the minimum requirement for the lunch time meal selection.

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Tablet - Alternative order delivery items added to order delivery

When a supplier includes an alternative product in a delivery to what was ordered, the cook/kitchen manager can Add a new item to the order delivery form.

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Tablet - No modules enabled pop-up message

When a Tablet User with no modules assigned logs into the Tablet, they will see the pop-up message “No modules available for this user”. When a Tablet user has modules assigned but has not been assigned a site logs into the Tablet, they will see the pop-up message “No assigned site for this user”.


Other Changes

SIMS connector – Changes to Email field and Telephone field

The SIMS Email field has been updated to accept multiple sub-domains (i.e. and the Telephone field has been updated so it can be left blank.

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Kitchen Manager - Restrict Site deletion if Staff associated

If a Site is deleted in the Desktop application which has allocated staff and has allocated Staff the Site status will be changed to ‘Closed’ rather than being deleted so the staff accounts will remain ‘Open’ on the system.


Whiteboard - Timeout based on inactivity

Users are automatically logged out of the Whiteboard after 30 minutes of inactivity. The automatic timeout is reset whenever a user performs an action.

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