Version 21 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop - Meal Items display the Menus, Templates and Sites  

When Admin users apply an Item to a Menu, Template or Site it is logged in the Usage tab. This data is not editable and will be automatically updated when the Item is removed form the Menu, Template or Site.

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Desktop - System Branding page

Admin users can configure the branding used on the Desktop, this makes it possible to change the Company Name, Logo, Small Logo and Email signature.

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Desktop/Tablet - Configurable Delivery sign-off declaration

Admin users can set a statement that cooks need to agree to when signing off a delivery. This ensures they take responsibility for following any procedures.

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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Kitchen Manager - Hide tablet KM Staff entries behind the staff pin

Tablet users time keeping records in the Staff app can be pin-protected for logging working hours.

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Kitchen Manager - Stock Item import field  

Import fields are optional are tagged with (Optional) on the Desktop, so Admin users know which fields are optional to help save time finding information that is not required when creating and importing Stock orders.

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Kitchen Manager - Report to show order delivery comments from cook  

Any comments which have been added to order delivery sign-offs by the cook to highlight any price discrepancies or stock issues are visible in the Note column.

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Kitchen Manager - Re-open deliveries

After an order status is changed to Delivered, Admin users can re-open deliveries if the cook has signed off a delivery that is incomplete or has items missing.

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Kitchen Manager - Non-Productive Hours type accessible to Admins

Admin users can Add Non-Productive Hours types.

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Kitchen Manager - Filter the Reporting module according the users assigned areas

All User Types (Admins, Managers, etc.) can be set to ‘Allow users to only see their areas’ so that they can only see Reporting data for their related Areas.

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Meal Selection - Integrated Payment Provider symbol

The SC/PP integrated payments icons reflect the status of the integration. 

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Assets - Add report to Assets to show PAT test dates

Admin users can run a report to see the PAT test dates for all assets to identify when new tests need to be run.

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System - Contract Value field accepts 2 decimal places 

Admin users can enter any currency value, including 2 decimal places (e.g. 12.59) into the Contract Value field stored against a site so that no rounding errors occur when using the stored value in the future.

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System - Close Periods column on table showing the period name

A new column titled Description has been added to the Close Periods table. This Description column displays the attribute of each Period.

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Data Collection - Flag Data Collection questions

Data Collection questions can be created that can only be answered through the desktop.
IMPORTANT: Contact Cypad support to request the creation of Data Collection questions.