Version 20 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop/Tablet - Contract hours for split shift or non-split shift

Mobile staff can manually enter the contract hours for their split/non-split shifts so that overtime and absence can be calculated at the sites they work. This feature must be enabled in Staff Admin on the Desktop.

Please note: If staff hours are automatically populated via the Attendance App this feature will not work.

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Desktop - Multi-level financial periods

Financial periods can be grouped to make it possible to analyse data in quarters and years without affecting Reporting.

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Desktop - KPIs for site invoicing fees

Admin users can record fees against each site and export data to their accounting system by defining the Invoice Custom Field Type for each site using a KPI which records a value for each site at daily granularity.

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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Meal Register - Split colour coding

The Meal Register has been modified so that when a FSM student balance is negative the colour coded tab has a purple top half and a red bottom half.

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Kitchen Manager - Display a list of all food or non-food stock items in stocktake view

In the Stoktake app, users can see a complete list of all non/food stock items and drill down into their values.

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Orders & Deliveries - Delivery date change to delivered date upon delivery

In the Orders app, the Delivery date automatically updates to the actual delivered date when the order is signed off as Delivered.

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Kitchen Manager - Admins to re-open deliveries

Admin users can re-open deliveries so that cooks can add new items to the delivery without contacting support.

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Kitchen Manager - Use SIMS ID to map student list import

Admin users can now import students using the SIMS ID, where available, and still import students where names are mismatched.

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Reporting - Contracts column added

A new Contracts column has been added to the 'General' view of a report to make it possible to view reporting data alongside the site contract.

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Meal Manager - Re-enable the support button function

Meal Manager users can access Zendesk support material via the Support button.

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