Version 19 Overview

An overview of changes made in Version 19.

Key Changes

Desktop - Soft close function added to financial periods

3 new columns have been added to the Close Periods table with the option to perform a Soft Close, set a Close By user ID log and Closed On date stamp.

Tablet - Check-in and check-out times added to Staff hours app

Staff attendance times are displayed in the Staff hours entry popup so cooks and catering managers know how many working hours to log.

Desktop - Form sign-off option

A new Form Style titled Manager sign-off is available for Area Managers to either approve or reject forms e.g. staff expenses on the Desktop that have been sent from the tablet. 

Other Changes


Delivery dates recorded on order lists

Cooks can now easily see delivery dates listed against each order.


Student list export for initial balances

A new report has been added to Reports making it possible to import initial balances without having to reformat the data.