Version 17 Oveview

Key Changes

Desktop - Generating consolidated invoices for contracts

Administrators can generate a single invoice for all the sites in a contract to consolidate multiple invoices into one document.
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Desktop - Transactions and Pre-orders universal colour scheme

A universal colour scheme has been applied to Transactions and Pre-orders across the Payments system to improve clarity for when a meal has been pre-selected or taken.
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Desktop/Tablet/Whiteboard - Menu Items excluded from student selection based on dietary requirements

To meet the individual dietary requirements of students and staff and improve the clarity of meal selection options that meet their dietary requirements, Menu Items can be either excluded or un-selectable on the Whiteboard, Desktop and Tablet.
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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Option to disable 'fast select'

Cooks can choose to enable or disable the fast view feature in Meal Register making it possible for students with special menu’s, which typically restrict them to 1 menu item, have the menu item displayed in Compact view and Compact with Photo view modes.
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Colour picker added to Menu Item sub-types for Desktop & Whiteboard

In Menus a colour picker has been added to make a wider range of colours available for menu item sub-types. Existing Menu Item sub types with colours assigned will not change with this update.
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Stock import function only checks for open suppliers

In the event that a duplicate supplier is on the system, stock items will only be added to the open supplier.
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