Version 16 Overview

An overview of changes made in Version 16.

Key Changes

Desktop/Tablet - Multiple transactions of the same menu item

Staff and Students can now purchase multiple items for lunch for when they are buying meals for friends, colleagues or visitors. The Multiple transactions feature can be enabled/disabled for different Student Types (e.g. Nursery, Student, Staff, Special), this is configured at site-level in Kitchen Manager.

Desktop - Variable student pricing by year

Meal prices are currently defined in Menus Items, Kitchen Manager Sites and Payments Admin. All these prices are defined per Student Type e.g. Nursery, Student, etc. With the introduction of Meal prices by year group, prices will be defined at two more levels, Year pricing and Type pricing.

Desktop Meal Register: Adding meal pre-selections

To remain compliant with FSA rules cooks and caterers can access up to one month’s historical records of temperatures taken using the Temperature Check app. The historical records can be filtered by day and are accessible without an internet connection.

Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Meal Register - View students by key stage

Cooks can now set the view mode on the tablet to Key Stage. Selecting the Key Stage shows all pupils in that Key Stage, this is useful for when a Key Stage group enter the dining hall at the same time.

Kitchen Manager - Confidential icon added to confidential forms

Tablet users will be made aware that a Form is confidential with the addition of a Confidential Icon after the form name.

Meal Register - Site Meals Selection Reports

Unit Managers can use the Meal Chosen menu option to generate a Site Meal Selection report to see what meals have been taken. The Meal Selection table includes Menu Items from all Types (Course column).

Meal Register - Meal Selection Report to include all allergies

The Meal Chosen Report has been updated to contain data for students with any allergy type. The Report label in the Meal Chosen app has been changed to Student allergy report.


Kitchen Manager - Area Managers editing stock takes

Area Managers can now edit stock takes, only for the sites their area, so they no longer need to contact Admin Support to make changes. The Area Manager users now have the same Edit permissions as Admin users for stock takes.


Area Manager users cannot edit stock takes for sites outside their Area(s).

Reporting - KPIs updated for multiple transactions

Administrators can use KPI Reporting to see accurate meal numbers when multiple transactions are being made so that when users select multiple meals it counts as multiple meals in the meal count reporting.

Staff - Timesheet records for Absent staff

A column for Absence hours and Reason for absence has been added in the Timesheets for easy identification of the amount of time a member of staff has been absent.

Menus - Meal pre-selections clear when a menu template is assigned

When a student has a student menu assigned to them in Menus, the administrator can delete any unapplied pre-selections for today or in the future. A pre-selection for today which has been applied (e.g. it is now the afternoon and the pupil has taken the meal) are not deleted.

System - Area Managers option to opt-out of emails for an Area

Regional Manager looking after multiple Area Managers receive automated system emails as well as Area Managers. There is now an option for the Regional Manager to only receive important emails from Area Managers.

System - Extend parent pre-selection cut-off option to 20 days

To avoid losing any functionality when transferring from PP Meal Selection Administrators can force parents to pre-select up to 3 weeks in advance using the 'Pre-order lead days' config item.

System - Import functionality for .xlsx files

Desktop Users can now import data from a .csv file and xlsx file.