Version 14 Overview

Key Changes

Tablet - Order status colour codes on tablet

Orders created on the device are now automatically colour coded to easily confirm their status, on the left-hand side of each item, without going into each order to see how each order is progressing.

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Desktop - Retrospective order delivery dates

Orders can now be created retrospectively with the delivery date set in the past so that costs can be allocated to the correct trading period and order training can be performed without placing an order by accident.

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Desktop - User creation process

School Administrators can now set up and manage user accounts (School Admin, Tablet and Whiteboard) to provide users at the school with their own login.

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Other Changes


Staff timesheet with multiple positions

Staff with multiple roles can now log hours on the tablet to track the time they have spent on each shift using Staff Roles Codes.

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Fractional delivery items config item update

The Orders and Deliveries app on the tablet has been updated so that when placing an order. In Order Details , the order quantity value cannot use the Decimal place button. This button will be available in Delivery Details in the event the supplier is unable to deliver a complete pack.

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Kitchen Manager Supplier - Make Max Item and Order Limit Configurable

Using Kitchen Manager, Unit Managers can set Maximum Item and Order limits against each supplier.

  • The Maximum item limit is a restriction set on the price per item when placing an order
  • The Maximum order limit is the maximum amount you can spend for the whole order.

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Meal Register - Filter to hide students who have selected a meal

The caterer can now enable a Hide selected feature on the tablet Meal Register, this will hide pupils who have taken a meal to make it easier to for pupils to select and collect meals.

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Meal Register - Grid view for class view

Classes can now be viewed in a grid on the tablet Meal Register to improve the usability and visibility of classes on a single page to reduce scrolling.

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Bluetooth thermometer

A Bluetooth thermometer can now be connected to the tablet and used to automatically record readings to the Kitchen Manager App. The recorded data can be accessed by the Administrator on the Desktop Kitchen Manager where new templates can also be created which will establish a Pass/Fail temperature range for different food items from cooking to serving.

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Menu item colour tagging added to pupil icon

School administrators can assign a colour to a Menu item type (e.g. Vegan) for menu items which will make it possible for the teacher to hand out the correct colour wristband to each student before they collect their meal from the caterer.

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Children's names to start at bottom of screen and fill upwards

Student names can now be moved to the bottom of the Whiteboard so that students can easily reach their names on the whiteboard to select their meals.

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Hide fun food facts pop up

The Whiteboard Fun Food Facts pop-up is now minimised by default when logging into the Whiteboard. To maximise the fun food facts, click on the icon.

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Remove ‘Available for site type’ and ‘Enabled’ columns from Data Collection rates tab

The Data collection rates table has been updated to improve clarity for administrators by removing the Enabled and Available for site type columns.

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Monitor Report Config - New sub-heading

In Monitor Admin a new sub-heading titled Monitor Reports has been added to the Configure options. This contains the fields from Monitor General section plus three New items:

  • Monitor report Hide Uptake info
  • Monitor report don't use sign-off date
  • Monitor report extra column header

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Extend notifications to the Monitor module drop-down menu

Users can now see outstanding action notifications in Monitor, in superscript, so that they do not miss any outstanding actions.

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Delete functionality added to Kitchen Manager Orders

Administrators can now delete In Progress orders from the Kitchen Manager using the Delete Order option on the desktop.

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Search bars in all modules contain watermark 'Search...'

All search bars in the Desktop and Tablet now contain a ‘Search…’ watermark to indicate that the text box is a search bar.

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Email text updates for Data Collection entries not done for selected week

The Data Collection email templates have been updated so that the email recipients understand what is required and who has sent the email.

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Staff gender pay reporting functionality

A new drop-down menu with mandatory options (‘Male’ and ‘Female’) has been added to the Staff tab in the Edit Staff window, this is to comply with legal requirements for employers to provide Gender pay gap reporting (mean and median averages).

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Current week menu to be changed when blank

Admin users can now add menus to the current week's template if the current week's template is blank. This feature will only be available if the current week's template is blank.

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Set pre-order deadline

The pre-order deadline for meal orders to be placed can now be set by the administrator. Different sites can have different pre-order deadlines applied and the deadlines can be set for up to 24 hours in advance.

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New fields for Staff Contract tab

New fields have been added to the Staff Contract tab to make it possible for administrators to capture more information about a member of staff’s contract and attendance in one place. These fields have been included in the spreadsheet Import and Export functionality.

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Copy of privacy policy available on System Admin

A copy of the Privacy Policy is available to view in the Desktop System Admin page, so users have a record of what they have agreed to.

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Close financial periods effective on tablet

When Administrators close a financial period on the Desktop any changes made on the Tablet after the time the financial period was closed are not pushed to the database. The data recorded on the tablet is replaced with the correct data from the database.

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Reason for leaving added to staff details

In the Edit Staff window Contract tab, there is now a new entry field for entering the reason given by a member of staff for leaving so that Administrators can analyse any patterns that exist for members of staff leaving the school’s employment. This has an alphanumeric limit of 50 characters.

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