Version 4.4 Overview

Key Changes

Tablet/Mobile - Health Check Dashboard

A contract ‘health check’ is provided, where key KPIs are summarised on a dashboard for senior catering managers. Available on the desktop, tablet and phone, these KPIs provide up-to-date visibility on the state of the business, making management roll-out of new contacts easier.

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Desktop - Two new levels in the System Reporting Module

Sites can now be grouped into two new levels, Districts and Regions. This is only necessary for large commercial enterprises.

Please note: This functionality is only available in the Reporting Module.

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Desktop - Other Allergies option

In the Allergies tab of the Edit Student window, we have added an Other allergy tick-box for students with an allergy not covered by the 14 key allergens list.

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Desktop - No Meal Register option

This option has been introduced for customers who do not want to use a tablet to record meals at the point of service. Pre-ordered meals can be automatically applied as ‘meals taken’.

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Desktop - Small MAT aggregated reporting

This feature enables reporting of multiple sites for small MATs to restrict Managers to only see their assigned areas.

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Desktop - Kitchen Manager Bulk Publishing option

Users can Bulk publish multiple documents to one or more sites. The Bulk publish button will be inactive until messages or document check boxes have been ticked.

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Desktop - Sub-folders

Sub folders can now be added to folders for Forms and Documents.

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Desktop/Tablet - Prevent old forms being synced to the tablet

Customer can request old forms be archived which prevents them being synced to the tablet.


Tablet - Staff Duty meals

On the tablet when selecting a meal for staff there is now an option to mark the meal as Duty Meal which will prevent them from being charged.

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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Zendesk - Live Chat

The cook can enable a live chat on Zendesk with the support team (this option is turned off by default and is configured on the Desktop).


Staff App - Copy yesterday’s staff hours

The cook can now copy yesterday’s staff hours (i.e. Copy Thursday’s logged hours to Friday) by pressing the Copy yesterday’s hours button.

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Meals Chosen - Report to show choices made by each child

An addition on the tablet Meals Chosen Report allows the cooks to see a list of all children and what selection they have made, like the 'Meals Selected (Year/Class)' report on Desktop. This will allow the cooks to be able to see who has ordered Vegetarian dishes and how many they need for each sitting.

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Zendesk - Hide help button

To make sure the drop-down reports on the Desktop are not obscured, the Help/Chat button can be hidden for one minute by clicking on the ‘x’ icon.

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Forgotten Password

A Forgot your password? link has been added to the Desktop log-in page. Users can now follow the link to reset their password.

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Kitchen Manager - Sites Meal tab

The Meal tab has been re-named, Meal selection, and re-organised with config items grouped under sub headers.

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Kitchen Manager - Report Form Grid update

The layout of the Grid form report has been updated. The sign-off table has been moved to the bottom of the report and the phrase ‘shift checks’ has been removed.

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System - Menu Item Photo Assistant

Before an approved user can take a photo using the tablet and upload it to the whiteboard, the Photo assistant feature must be activated.

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Monitor - Form extra column

An extra column option has been added when a Monitor form is being created.

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Monitor - Name character limit increase

The Name text box character limit has been increased to 50 Characters.

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Payments - Pre-order cut-off time

We have added a Database level configuration setting to store a Parent pre-order cut-off time. The default time is set to 3:00.

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