Version 4.2 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop - Create report by form fields

You can export a form with selected fields for a chosen date period using a 'Report by form fields' option.

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Desktop - Faster menu creation with ‘drag and drop’ feature

Users can drag and drop menu items into the week grid.

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Desktop - Negative numbers can be entered against questions in Data Collection

In the Data Collection module, negative numbers can be entered against certain question types.

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Desktop - Match parents to children using Universal Pupil Number or ParentPay ID

Admin can match the parent to the child’s details using the UPN or ParentPay ID entered by the parent.

Desktop - Unique Site ID required when Adding a new Site

When adding a new Site to System Sites a unique Site ID must be entered. If you enter an existing site ID you are prompted to enter a different unique ID number.

Tablet - Meal selection with two devices using Bluetooth

Using a Bluetooth connection, the cook and the student can view selected meals on a tablet.

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Tablet - Notification of unread items

On the tablet, document folders include a numeral showing the number of unread items.

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Tablet - Record staff hours for dining centres

Staff attendance at dining centres can be recorded at production centres.

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Tablet - View student allergen and dietary information

The cook can view student allergy information in the Meal Register module on the tablet.

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Tablet - Two linked tablets can be auto-synced

Two linked tablets can be auto-synced at the same time, the cook and student mode.

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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Kitchen Manager - Change names of KPIs on tablet report 

You can change the name of a KPI for reporting purposes.

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Kitchen Manager - View monthly figures in tablet reporting

In the tablet Reports app you can view a monthly summary report in addition to the weekly report.

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Kitchen Manager - Meal Register screen format

In Meal Register on the tablet, the photo view shows students’ names in black for greater clarity.

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Kitchen Manager - Data collection fields show ‘zero’

In the Data Collection app you can enter a ‘zero’ in any of the data collection fields in any column (for example, where a meal has not been taken).

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Kitchen Manager - Meal Register screen format change

The photo view shows students’ names in black for greater clarity and a colour bar has been added to indicate the status of their meal balance.

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Kitchen Manager - Two signatures required for banking cash sign off

Two signatures are required to sign off the banking cash form.

Kitchen Manager - Tablet Form query sign off requires name and signature

For added security, two signatures are now required for a form query to be signed off. When the user signs off an order they must add their name and their signature. They will be prompted by a tablet message to do this.

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Kitchen Manager - Meal selection in Photo view or All view

In Meal Register, users can see who has selected a meal in Photo view or All view. In Photo view, the background to the student photograph is highlighted in green when a meal is selected.

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Kitchen Manager - Warning when user saves old stock items to use in new stocktake 

When the user is doing a stocktake they can save the old order and carry it forward to the new stocktake by tapping ‘Copy old to new’, a notification asks them to confirm they wish to do this.

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Kitchen Manager - Menu item confirms all stock items delivered 

A new menu item enables the cook to confirm delivery of all stock items simultaneously.

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Kitchen Manager - Multi-language option

Cooks can select the tablet language.

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Kitchen Manager - Warning message when placing order

When placing an order with a delivery date greater than two weeks, the user receives a warning asking them if they wish to continue with the chosen date.

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Kitchen Manager - Limit number of syncs in a short period

Tablet syncs are limited over short time periods to reduce the load on the system and to improve the success percentage.

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Kitchen Manager - Align menu categories in week menu screen

The menu categories are aligned horizontally to match the parent pre-selection screen layout.


‘Email to…’ options applied across action details user interfaces

We have introduced an ‘Email to…’ option in the action details/edit action windows for all user interfaces.

Manage user log in

If user leaves the desktop inactive for 15 minutes they will automatically be logged out. After five invalid attempts to log in, the user will be blocked for five minutes. They have five more attempts and are then blocked permanently until Admin unlocks the account.

Sites data tree added to Data Collection, Staff, and Payments modules

Site data trees have been added to the Data Collection, Staff, and Payments modules in addition to the Assets and Kitchen Manager modules.

Kitchen Manager - Show KPIs for specific site types in tablet reports 

You can select and apply KPIs to specific site types.

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Kitchen Manager - Message status notifications

When you publish a message from the desktop to the tablet a message status will show when it has been sent, delivered or read.

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Kitchen Manager - Export group of forms as PDFs 

The Export button gives you the option of exporting a grid summary of the forms or the full set of forms as a PDF.

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Kitchen Manager - Stock items can be added to and removed from templates 

When adding or editing stock items you can also add or remove them from templates.

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Kitchen Manager - Show site ID in Cost by Supplier report 

The report produced by the type Costs by Supplier now includes a site ID column.

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Kitchen Manager - Discontinued stock items filter 

The user can use the Stock Items drop-down filter to show/hide discontinued stock.

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Kitchen Manager - Order/delivery discrepancy report 

You can run a discrepancy report to show all order/delivery discrepancies for a specified date range.

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Kitchen Manager - Display Sites status in Data Collection module 

The term ‘Data Collection’ has replaced ‘Uptake’ throughout the application. All sites are displayed in Sites that have been marked ‘Show Site in Data Collection Module – Kitchen Manager’ in the Edit Sites window.

Kitchen Manager - Two new stock order reports show trends and popularity

We have added two new reports, ‘Stock Order History’ and ‘Popular Stock Items’ to enable users to view the most popular items and purchasing trends.

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Kitchen Manager - ‘Kosher’ diet type removed 

The Kosher diet type has been removed from the list of available diet types.

Kitchen Manager - Droppable area highlighted when placing a menu item or template 

When a menu item or template item is dragged and dropped, the area where it can be dropped is highlighted.

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Kitchen Manager - Style improvements 

Menus and calendar template styles have been simplified.

Kitchen Manager - Stock template upgrade

We have divided the stock items Food Categories into Super Categories, Categories and Sub Categories.

Data Collection - Non-integer values can be added

The Type drop-down menu allows non-integer values (0.25, 0.5, 0.75) to be entered against questions.

Data Collection - Multiple external IDs for KPIs for different site types 

For reporting purposes, you can enter additional external IDs per site type per KPI.

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KPIs’ node renamed ‘KPI External IDs

For greater clarity the ‘KPIs’ node has been renamed ‘KPI External IDs’.

Staff - Staff Assessment configurations removed 

The Staff Assessment configurations have been removed.

Staff - Import staff allocation records 

We have added new functionality to enable staff allocation records to be imported.

Staff - Staff Import Sheet linked to Site ID 

The Staff Import Sheet is now linked to the Site ID rather than the Site name, reducing any import errors that might occur due to a mis-typed entry.

Menus - View count of special diets/diet types and allergies 

Users can view student dietary requirements for each site.

Menus - Stock items have associated allergy and dietary lists 

Each stock item has an associated allergy and dietary list viewable in the stock window, along with the date and name when changed.

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Menus - Audit trail for changes made to allergies and diet types 

When any changes are made to the allergies and diet type records an audit trial is created in the event log.

Menus -  Two exception reports for allergies and dietary requirements

We have added two new exception reports for allergies and dietary requirements, ‘Allergies not marked’ and ‘Menu items without allergen or nutrition info’.

Menus - Menus linked to individual child

In the Menus module, menus can be linked to an individual child. This applies to the whiteboard, parent selection site and tablet.

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Payments & Web Payments - User Interface amended

If the students shown on the Payments Home page are in ParentPay integrated sites the line ‘Balance on child's account after payments’ is hidden.

Payments & Web Payments - Allergies, diets and diet notes are visible to parents

Parents can view allergy, diets and diet notes for their children. They cannot amend details from here but can request a change.

Payments & Web Payments - Integration specific payment types blocked

In Payments when adding a transaction, the user cannot select ParentMail, ParentPay and SchoolComms payments types from the drop-down list.

Payments & Web Payments - Refund types added to transactions page

The refund type is shown in the Transactions window Trans Type column.

Payments & Web Payments - Student is marked as Special Diet

A student marked as Special Diet will retain their details if their record is imported through ParentPay or SIMS integration .

Payments & Web Payments - View Selection Summary report by week and date range

The Period filter allows you to view a report for selected and served meals by week and date range, as well as by day. The Selection Summary report automatically totals the column data.

Payments & Web Payments - Column totals in the Selection Summary Report

The Selection Summary report now includes column totals.

Payments & Web Payments - View an individual student’s allergies and dietary needs

Individual student’s allergies and dietary requirements can be viewed using the drop-down filter, select the student, then in the Edit Student window choose Allergies or Diet Types.

Payments & Web Payments - Diet tab visible for all student types

The Diet Note tab in the Add Student and Edit Student windows is visible for all student types.

Payments & Web Payments - Balance transfers between siblings are recorded

When a payment transfer is made from one student to their sibling, the transaction details are recorded.

Payments & Web Payments - Filter messages and documents

To refine searches on the Desktop you can filter any published messages/documents.

Reporting - Reporting daily filter

You can now filter data to receive a report for a specific day.

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Reporting - New report ‘Stock by Supplier’ in Analysis

The new report ‘Stocktake by Supplier’ shows closing stocktake values by supplier for each site plus a totals column for each site and supplier.

Reporting - Event form profit report includes cost rate column

The Event form ‘Profit Report’ now has a Cost Rate and Sale Rate column (previously called Rate).

Reporting - Exception reporting on menu item allergens and student dietary requirements

You can create two separate reports covering allergens and dietary requirements for all menu items using ‘Menu item allergens’ or ‘Menu items dietary requirements’.

Reporting - Report titles amended

We have amended several report titles in the Payments module for greater clarity.

Reporting - Reporting columns are totalled when a report is run

In Reporting, the KPI columns are totalled when you run a report. To ensure the columns sum correctly we have changed several KPI ID numbers.

Reporting - New KPIs added for stock movement and transfers

We have added six new KPIs for the movement and transfer of food and non-food stock items.

Reporting - Changes to meal price are logged on the system

Any changes to the meal price are recorded on the system event log.

System - Deletions and status changes added to system event log

The event log now shows deletions and status change.

System - Module permissions applied automatically to new users

When a new user is set up module permissions are applied automatically to the user type.

System - System event log shows new student when added to Payments

When a user adds a new student in the Payments module the information is recorded and shown in the system event log.

System - Event log displays any changes to the item value

The main grid displays details of the time, location, user and event type.

System - Report name 'UIFSM by Year group'

We have added a new report ‘UIFSM by Year Group’ to show the UIFSM (excluding Pupil Premium) consumption record by year group..

System - Log exports from the Desktop

Exports from the Desktop are logged automatically and shown in the Event Log.


Teacher background

Teachers can select meals on behalf of students, the whiteboard colour scheme has been simplified with a grey background to reflect this.

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Style changes

To ensure greater readability we have made some stylistic changes to the whiteboard themes, making the font style more consistent and amending the background colours.

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