Version 4.1 Overview for Admin


Version 4.1 Overview

Key Changes Summary

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General Changes



Version 4.1 Overview

With Version 4.1 we have continued to develop the functionality of the application to improve the Admin experience, and ensure greater process efficiency across all the modules. Ask your account manager to go through items done especially for you. 


Key Changes Summary 

KEY CHANGE: New form types 2323/2328/2128

There are currently six types of form in Kitchen Manager. You can configure them so they require actions and sign-off, as well as automatically emailing them to managers: 

  • Standard: the basic listed form lets you add any type of question
  • Fridge temp: this form allows fridge temperatures to be recorded with a time and date stamp
  • Auto-summarise: this form enables the user to sign-off multiple forms at the same time; the exported form automatically adds figures
  • Grid: this new form enables you to create daily/weekly food checks or shift work data
  • Event: this new form enables you add and edit a wide range of event types including hospitality and non-school meal income – add a form and select the Events tab in the Edit Form window
  • Transport: this new form lets the Production and Dining Centres record and sign off food supplies and deliveries on a single form.

To select a form:



Grid form example

This form is used to record food temperatures or shift work. If you select the Grid form type a Shifts tab appears in the window:





Event form example

This form is used to record specific one-off hospitality events and non-school income. If you select the Events form type an Events tab appears in the window:





Transport form example

This form is used to record supply and delivery on one form. Using one transport form you can view the supply and delivery details. 

If you select the Transport form type a Transport tab appears in the window: 





KEY CHANGE: Stock transfer by cooks and admin 2110

Cooks can now transfer stock items between sites, a task previously only available to Admin staff on the desktop. 

For an item to be transferred successfully the receiving party must already have the item included on its stock list. This applies to the desktop and the tablet. 

Stock transfer by cook: 









Stock transfer by Admin:

In some cases stock may be delivered centrally rather than to a specific site. As the cook cannot transfer the stock from here, the Admin must use the Desktop: 







KEY CHANGE: Record two shifts per day/split across sites 1642 1492/1549/ 2062/2090

Staff can now use the tablet Attendance app to:

  • Record two or more shifts in one day
  • Split their shift across sites
  • Record two paid staff roles in one day 

Staff can check in and out as normal, and then again for a second shift. Their hours are shown consecutively on the tablet: 



KEY CHANGE: Better visibility of action types 2192/2208/2125

All action types now have better visibility across Kitchen Manager forms. You can set up actions in Kitchen Manager, Monitor and Assets & Cases then view them on the desktop and in Kitchen Manager on the tablet (for a single site). Area Managers can view actions in Monitor on their tablet. 

Action types in Kitchen Manager:



If there is an outstanding action you can arrange for an automatic email notification.


KEY CHANGE: Meal selection upgrade 2242 and responsive parent meal selection 2077

We have made a range of improvements to the meal selection process. As well as clearer design and formatting the whiteboard now displays nutritional and dietary information during meal selection. When you associate an allergen with a menu item, the student with that allergy cannot select it. For parents selecting a meal using a smartphone the meal selection formatting adjusts appropriately.

KEY CHANGE: Better contract management 2320 and 2331

New functionality on the desktop lets you:

• Manage about your school contracts better
• View your Cypad contract details including contract renewal date, modules and devices 

Manage your school contracts

  • In the Edit Site window for your chosen site select the Contract tab. In the Edit Site window you can enter the contact renewal date, value and status, the payments system, communications provider, ‘Food for Life’ and hygiene ratings, and last inspection date.


 Cypad contract details

To view Cypad contract details including contract renewal date, modules and devices go to System > Admin > Cypad Account:

• Contracts are aligned to run from a single start date
• New licences are on a pro rata basis
• Licences used are shown to both customer and Cypad
• Easier planning of costs
• Simpler and faster agreement at renewal time



KEY CHANGE: New nursery ‘person’ type 2379 and site level pricing 2173

We have added a Nursery pupil type with separate pricing to the current list of types in the Payments module as well as new KPIs for nursery uptake etc. You can also enter site-specific meal rates for data collection. To do this go to Data Collection > Sites > [choose site] > Data collection rates tab. The rates can be checked from here. If you want to use this feature contact Cypad Support for more details.

KEY CHANGE: New Case management module 2338

Organise your case management documentation using the new Cases management module which brings together all the data you need relating to accidents, customer complaints, and even sales. There are different summarising forms for each incident type with all documents and reports collated in one place. The whole folder can be wrapped up for insurance purposes, you can view statistics for each type. The module can be used as a simple CRM system when used in conjunction with the new Site contract tab.

Go to Cases > Cases:cases_management_module_1.JPG



KEY CHANGE: New data extraction option 2230

Cypad provides several export options to enable you to access its data. In addition to Excel, .CSV and the Data Reader we have now added a Data Extractor. This enables you to access much of the data held inside Cypad using an API call. To make full use of this capability you will need programming skills.

KEY CHANGE: User not site logon 2209

Staff are now able to log on to the tablet using a pin number provided by Cypad rather than entering their username and password. All activity can be linked to the user to create an audit trail. 

To set user PIN on the desktop: 


 To enable the user PIN feature on the tablet:



KM Desktop

Access Cypad support and Knowledge Base from Desktop and tablet 2295

We have introduced a ‘Help’ button on the desktop from where you can search the Cypad Knowledge Base for useful task-based quick refs and guides. This is a growing resource which is continually being updated.





Allow document file size up to 2MB 2251

You can now upload documents to a maximum size of 2MB.

Customisable staff payroll reports 2162

Export customisable staff reports based on contracted hours, overtime and absence hours. Go to Staff module > Analysis:



Enable Saturday and Sunday deliveries 2329

We have added Saturday and Sunday columns to supplier delivery dates:


Additional account code field for suppliers

We have added a second account code field for suppliers called ‘Acc. No. 2’. The existing ‘Account Number’ column is renamed ‘Acc. No. 1’.

We have added these changes in:

  • The Edit Site window > Suppliers tab
  • The Sites page > filter button > select Supplier check box
  • Kitchen Manager > Admin > Import > select Supplier Account Codes from Import type drop-down list







Export usernames for readers of a document 2124

Export a list of usernames for staff who have opened a document. Go to Kitchen Manager > Publish > Export. The exported file shows the list of usernames.

Hide discontinued items from the stock template 20862109

To hide discontinued items from a stock template go to Kitchen Manager > Stock > [select site] > [select Template] > select Hide Discontinued check box



Clearer analysis of meal selection and consumption trends 2086

For clearer analysis of meal selection and consumption data you can filter by export type, date and all/main/dessert/drink:



Make inspection time data visible for selected questions 2055

For selected questions you can show the relevant inspection time data on the desktop and the tablet. On the desktop go to Kitchen Manager > Admin > Configure > Show inspection times > Save

Meal Numbers by year group 2244

To filter meal numbers by year group go to Payments > Analysis > [select site] > Type [select Selection Summary] > Filter by [Year or Class] 

Meal selection by year group 2315

To filter meal selection by year group go to Payments > Analysis > [select site] > [select Meal Selection by Year from Type drop-down list]



School roll status 2262

To check the status of the school roll go to System > Sites > Filter icon > select Data errors box then view the Roll No. column (select Roll No. column to edit site)



Show discontinued stock items when exporting 2152

Go to Kitchen Manager > Stock > Template > [select template] > Remove Hide Discontinued check box > Export. The exported file contains all discontinued stock items.

SIMS - Access dietary needs and allergens data 2358

SIMS information management system includes allergy and dietary needs lists. As part of the Cypad integration we will set the same lists against student details in the Payments module.

View full Data Collection notes 2361

On the Data Collection module Status screen view the full note for the site by hovering the mouse pointer over the red triangle in the cell (where it appears).

KM Menus


New reports for Meal Numbers and Meal Income by Key Stage 2367

We have added two new reports Meal Numbers by Key Stage and Meal Income by Key Stage. Go to Payments > Analysis > Type dropdown. The report is also shown on the tablet. 


Edit student diet and allergen details

Edit student diet, diet type and allergen details by selecting the appropriate tab in the Edit Student window in Payments. Edited student details are also shown in: 

  • Menu > Items > Edit Menu Item window
  • Whiteboard meal selection pages
  • Web payments 





You can export a report showing menu items with/without allergen or nutritional information: 





Meal reports

You can now export filtered reports showing: 

  • Popular meals
  • Records affected by menu changes
  • Menu items without allergen or nutritional information




KM Tablet

Alarm App 2267

We have added a simple time-based alarm to the Clock app. Tap the General app then tap Clock then tap the + sign to create an alarm.

Allocate additional hours for staff 2325

The unit manager can allocate additional hours for individual staff for the following week based on meal numbers served or weekly income in the current week. Staff can choose to spread their allocated hours over several days.


Automatic actions if questions outside limits 2302

If your answer on a form is outside a specified limit (such as a freezer temperature range) the tablet notifies you to set up an action.  

Change status when order confirmation is received 2260

When the cook syncs the tablet they see the order request confirmation on the tablet as ‘Order Sent’. This confirms the order is being sent to the supplier.

Messages remain on tablet for 60 days 2314/2422

Any messages sent to the tablet from the desktop will be available to view for a maximum of 60 days. On the desktop in Monitor > Publish a new column will show who uploaded or updated the message.

Monthly activity reminders 2177

Cooks can now use the Activity app on the tablet to view monthly as well as daily reminders

Show periods on the calendar 2208

The cook can view time periods on the tablet calendar along with a brief description of the event, giving them a clear picture of holidays, inset days and trading days. When the tablet has been synced the user can view the data. In Kitchen Manager tap the General app then select Calendar:


Admin must set the period details on the desktop. Go to Cypad System > Admin > Open Calendar and select periods.  




Add to stock on delivery and display re-order level 2249

In the Orders & Deliveries app, when the cook signs off a delivery the order quantities are added to the stock. If they enter a re-order level and then create an order the tablet will display the note ‘Reorder level reached’.



Timesheet hours to exact minute 2300

Tablet users can now enter timesheet details to the exact minute. To configure this function go to Staff > Admin > Config and check Timesheet hours to exact minute. On the tablet enter worked hours on the timesheet for individual staff. 

Parent Selection & Payments

Send reminder email to parents to select their child’s meal 2311

Parents can choose to receive email reminders when one or more of their children have less than x days meal selections pre-booked. To configure this item go to Payments > Parents > Add:





Parents can also choose to receive email notifications when registering on Web Payments for the first time. 


Colour-key for menu item sub-types 2348

We have added menu item sub-type descriptions in a colour-key bar below the meal choices: meat/fish, mixed, organic, spicy or vegetarian:


The colour-key is also shown on the Web Payments pre-selection screen.

Edit the colour-key

You can edit the colour-key for menu sub-types to create your own colour scheme:



View nutritional information

View nutritional information for meal choices on the whiteboard:





General Changes

Edit nutritional, allergen or dietary information



Filter Sites by group 2317

Filter sites by group as well as by site:


To define the group go to System > Admin > Types > Site Groups > Add [group]

Generalised staff payroll Export 2162

You can now export filtered staff payroll reports. Go to Cypad Staff > Timesheets > Areas > Export [enter payroll number then click Export]

Popular meals by year group 2350

To filter popular meals by year group go to Payments > Analysis > Type [Popular Meals by Year]> Filter by [All, Main, Dessert, or Drink]



Teacher role 740

You can add a user with the role ‘teacher. This restricts them to whiteboard access only.