Version 51 Overview

New UI Update

We have updated more areas to the Angular UI. We have also made the screens responsive so that icons and tables fit better on a range of monitor sizes.

System > Sites

The user can now switch between the old UI and new UI. All functionality possible with the old UI is still possible with the new UI.

Icon update

Some minor cosmetic changes to some of the icons, this does not impact functionality.

Meal Selection and Meal Manager Payments Reports

A Session filter that allows users to choose meal “sessions” when viewing the report has been added to the following reports:

  • Analysis: Selection Summary report
  • Students: Meals Selected by Class and Year reports
  • Students: Meal Selection Summary report

Tablet Meal Register

On the tablet, a student’s full diet note is visible so all dietary requirements can be viewed. Previously, this was capped at two lines. This cap has been increased so more detailed notes are available.

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