Whiteboard Usability Changes

The Whiteboard has been upgraded with the following changes:


Scrolling up and down the whiteboard can now be done using the mouse roller, touch screen (Swipe up/down) and the Scroll up [1] and Scroll down [2] buttons on the screen.


Student Names

There are now different options for how student’s names appear on the whiteboard. These options are available in the menu at bottom of the whiteboard, click the Menu arrow [1] to access these options.

Student names can be sorted as follows:

  • FirstName [2]
  • LastName [3]

Student names can be displayed as follows:

  • FirstName LastName [4]
  • LastName, FirstName [5]


NOTE When you make these changes, the Whiteboard will remember the setting for that class and these changes will not be applied to other classes.

Nutritional Information

When the student is selecting their meal there is now nutritional information available on each item. This can be viewed by pressing the ⓘ icon in the bottom right of the purple name box.


A complete nutritional value list will appear, this also includes allergens details.


Meal selection confirmation

When the meal selection is done and ready to be confirmed the OK button has been moved to the bottom middle of the screen.


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