Using the Whiteboard

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  1. Getting Started
  2. Student Meal Selection
  3. Meal Selection summary reports 

Getting Started

The school administrator will provide you with a URL link (e.g. to the school’s whiteboard, and a username and password to log-in to the Whiteboard. 

Logging in, Date and Class selection

Enter the Username [1] and Password [2] into the fields and press/click OK [3].


NOTE The Whiteboard Language [4] can be set to English or Welsh.

You will be given the option to open Today’s date [1] or Tomorrow’s date [2].


In the Class selection screen press/click on your Class name [1].


NOTE You must Log out [2] and log back into the whiteboard to return to the date selection page.

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Fun food facts pop up

The Whiteboard Fun Food Facts pop-up is minimised by default when logging into the Whiteboard. 

  • To maximise the fun food facts, click on the Icon.
  • To minimise the fun food facts, click the icon.
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Student Meal Selection


Depending on what meal selection options your school offers, select one of the following meal types:

  1. Breakfast (refer to Break and Breakfast pre-selection)
  2. Break (refer to Break and Breakfast pre-selection)
  3. Lunch

If you log into the wrong class, press/click the Back [1] button.

When the student selection screen is open the students will be able to press/click their Name / Photo [2] to open the meal selection screen.


If the students cannot reach the top of the screen to press/click their names press/click the Go Down [3] button to move the student list down the screen.

Press/click the Logout [4] button when you are finished with the Whiteboard.


Use the Scroll down [1] button to move down the list, when the scroll down button is used a scroll up button will appear above the student list.

If students have a nickname they would like to use it is updated in the Student details on the Desktop by the Administrator, for example, the name field for Danny Cook [1] has been updated to use their chosen nickname on the Class selection screen.


The Nickname [2] is also updated on the Meal Selection screens.


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General meal selection

Students without a pre-selected meal or any food allergies or limitations will be able to select their main meal by pressing/clicking on a Main item. This will automatically take them to the next screen to select their dessert.


In the Desert selection screen, the student will pressing/clicking on a Dessert item to make their selection. This will automatically take them to the meal selection review screen.


On the meal selection review screen, the student can confirm they’re happy with their meal selection by pressing/clicking OK [1] or they can press/click Redo [2] to change their meal selection.


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Pre-selected Meals & Special Diet students

When a student's parents have made meal pre-selections for them they will be Highlighted Blue [1] and they will be unable to change the pre-selected meals, if the student has made a meal pre-selection they will be Highlighted Green [2] but will be able to select different items in the Meal Selection pages.

Students [3] with a food allergy or dietary restrictions will have two options which will log them as either Present – Meal required [4] which will mean their pre-selected meal will be given to them by the caterer, or Present – Meal Not Required [5] which will register them as in school but not requiring a school meal in the event they have a packed lunch.


The student will need to press OK [6] to complete the meal selection.

NOTE More information for Special Diet students (Lunch ONLY).

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Changing pre-selected meals

Danny Cook is highlighted with pre-selected meals, when she clicks on her Icon [1] she can see what has been pre-selected for her and change the meal selection.


Danny’s parents have pre-selected Noodles [2] for her lunch main meal. Danny can select one of the other options (i.e. BBQ Chicken Taco [3]) on screen to change the pre-selection.


The meal selection will change to the next screen where Danny’s parents have pre-selected Fruit Salad [4] for her desert. Danny has decided to go for the Chocolate brownie cake with Ice cream [5] instead.


Danny’s new meal selection is confirmed on the whiteboard, all she need’s to do is press Ok [6] to complete the new meal selection.


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Colour Tagging

If the Menu types are assigned a colour tag (e.g. Red = Meat, Blue = Fish, Green = Vegetarian, etc.) the student’s will have a Coloured dot against their picture/name after meal selections have been made.


This will make it possible for the teacher to hand out the correct colour wristband to each student before they collect their meal from the caterer.

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Nutritional Information

If a menu item has an Information icon [1] next to its name, click on the Information icon [1] to look at the nutritional information.


When you have the nutritional open, click on the Menu item photo [2] to see a Doughnut chart [3] for the Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein of the menu item.


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Menu Options


Click the Menu [1] button to access the Whiteboard options.


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You can set the background theme for the class you are in. This can be useful if you have several classes to take through the meal register to easily identify which class you have opened. Press/click on a theme you would like to use; the menu will close and the background will be automatically changed.

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There are different options for how student’s names appear on the whiteboard.


Student names can be sorted by FirstName [1] or Last Name [2].


Names can be displayed as LastName, FirstName [3] or FirstName LastName [4].


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Attendance (SIMS Register)

Teachers can now use the Whiteboard to take the morning and afternoon register. After logging into the Whiteboard open the Menu and press/click Attendance.


Click the top AM (morning) [1] or PM (afternoon) [2] column cell for the first student in the register and record the attendance of each student using the standard SIMS codes on the Register.


When the register is complete click any part of the screen outside of the attendance register list to close the register.

NOTE When the AM / PM register is complete, the school admin will receive a record and update it, where required, before sending it to SIMS.

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Meal Selection summary reports

Generate PDF Report

A new Meal selection summary report feature has been added to the whiteboard so that when meals are served in the classroom the teacher can confirm the students are receiving the correct meals. Before the students are served breakfast, lunch or for a break, open the whiteboard, select your class and at the bottom of the screen click the Selection Summary icon [1].


A Meals selected report PDF will be generated and automatically opened for the selected class in a New browser tab [2].


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Print PDF Report

To bring Cypad Classroom Selection up to parity with ParentPay Classroom Selection Teachers and Admin users can generate and print a daily Meal Selection Report PDF from the Whiteboard.

NOTE The Whiteboard must be connected to the Manager App so any future changes in the report is reflected on both the Desktop and Whiteboard.

Before the students are served breakfast, lunch or for a break open the whiteboard, select your class and at the bottom of the screen click the Print icon [1].


A print preview window will open where the user can print the PDF report [1] that has been generated.


NOTE The 'Meals selected (Class) report is printed for the selected class only.

If required set the Print destination [2], how many Pages per sheet [3] you want to print, how many Copies [4] and if you want the printout’s in Colour [5] or black and white.

When done click Print [6].

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