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Before and after you use Meal Register you should sync your device. This ensures the information collected is passed back to the Payments Database. If the sync fails, try again after a minute. If it still fails contact our Support Team.  

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of syncing your device regularly.

Open Meal Register

Adjusting text size 

In the Meal Register app, users can change the font size to meet their needs.

Go to Meal Register App > set a Meal session > Top-right menu > press Font Size [1] > select from the Font size list [2]


NOTE When you change the Font size the page will re-load and you will need to start the Meal session selection again.

The following will be re-sized:

  • The pupil name in the purple header at the top of the page on the meal selection screen
  • The names of classes, years and key stages in the class selection screen
  • The pupil names in the pupil selection screen
  • The pre-selected meal names in the pupil selection screen
  • The service names (main, dessert, etc.) in the sub-headers of the meal selection screen
  • The meal names in the meal selection screen
  • Any other text content in the Meal Register module.

School/Site list screen 

In the Meal register app a new view has been added which shows each menu option in a box, with the boxes displayed in a grid. This stops the user having to scroll through a long list of items.


NOTE The Figures in brackets [2] show the number of students or staff in the class/group and how many have taken meals today.

Key Stage view, displays the students and staff in Key Stage groups.


Year view, displays the students and staff by year in a list format.


Class (list) view, displays the different classes in a list.


Class (grid) view, displays the different classes in a grid


All view opens a complete list of all the students and staff with meal restrictions/allergen details for each student and member of staff.


Student Meal Selection


  • Taken today – the student has taken this meal today
  • Meals pre-selected – the parent or student has pre-selected these meals through the web payments website or the school whiteboard
  • Meal eligible – the student is eligible for a meal today
  • Meal not eligible – the student is not eligible for a meal today
  • Balance overdue – the student has an overdue balance
  • Credit below £3 – student has less than £3 in their account
  • FSM student – student eligible for free school meals
  • Allergens/Dietary - the student has known allergens recorded
  • Packed lunch home - the student has a packed lunch from home pre-selected
  • Special Diet - the student has a Special Diet (SD) requirement e.g. Halal


View Mode - All


View Mode - Photo


View Mode - Grid


View student Allergen and Diet Notes

To view a student’s full Dietary notes [1], navigate to the Meal register App and open the Student selection, then press the > icon [2] to the right of the student’s name to view the Diet Note [3].


Register meal selection for student




Disable 'fast select'

Cooks can choose to enable or disable the fast view feature in Meal Register making it possible for students with special menu’s, which typically restrict them to 1 menu item, have the menu item displayed in Compact view and Compact with Photo view modes.

Go to Meal Register > select a class > press the top right menu > press Disable/Enable fast select


When fast select is enabled, pressing a student with only one item in their menu automatically selects that item in a single touch.

When fast select is disabled, pressing a student with only one item in their menu takes the user to the normal meal selection screen where all available menu items are displayed.

View student list and meal registration selections 

Pre-selected meals

The Meal Register app Pre-selected meals have a turquoise background colour and the meal pre-selection visible in Compact with photo view. When the student has collected their meal, the cook presses the student entry which turns green to confirm the meal has been collected.


Changing pre-selected meals

Danny Cook is highlighted with Pre-selected meals [1], click on her Icon [2] to see what has been pre-selected for her and change the meal selection.


Press the top right menu and press the Change Pre-selection [3] option.

Unselect a Pre-selected menu item [4] and either select a new Menu item [5] and press Select [6].


Danny Cook will now be highlighted as Meal Taken [6], press Danny Cook in the Meal Register to view the new meal selection.


Sync your device again

Before and after you use Meal Register remember to sync your device.

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