ScholarPack September Readiness Checklist

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Entering new parent/staff details on ScholarPack

For parent/staff contact details to be successfully imported into Schoolcomms, there are certain guidelines which need to be followed. Access the ScholarPack Data help guide here

Parental Responsibility also needs to be applied in ScholarPack for parents to be able to give consent, see balances, and make bookings on School Gateway.
To review and identify any gaps in data currently imported into your Schoolcomms account, check your registered users Management Report.
Click here for assistance with this.

Import Settings

To check the data you are currently importing from ScholarPack review the current import settings in Schoolcomms: Dashboard > Import Management > Edit>settings.

Access the Import Data help guide here

Please note: Wonde imports data on an hourly basis so users will need to wait an hour after amending any details in your MIS before running an import to ensure the latest data is imported.

Data issues

Ensure that your data issues are dealt with on a regular basis; if ignored, you may not be communicating to all imported contacts.

Access the Data Issues help guide here

Create/delete Staff Schoolcomms accounts for new/leaving staff members

Your school multi-user administrators can create, unlock, amend, and delete staff Schoolcomms user accounts.

Access the Create Additional Users help guide here


Please note: This is a permanent deletion; only complete once you are certain that you no longer need to access any related information or communicate through Schoolcomms.

If a school member has left the school and they have been marked as Off Roll (for a student) or ‘Active = No’ (for a staff member) in ScholarPack, they will then be marked as a leaver the next time the import is run in Schoolcomms.

Once you have saved any information/messages relating to these members, and you are certain that no payments or club bookings will need to be made by the parent(s), you can remove them from Schoolcomms using the delete leavers process.

Once they are leavers, they can be permanently deleted from Schoolcomms.

Access the Delete Leavers help guide here.

Once students are identified as leavers in Schoolcomms, they can still be messaged as normal, however they will no longer show in their MIS groups. We would recommend that you manually create a Leavers Group in Schoolcomms to continue to message them in bulk before they are deleted as leavers. Access the Groups help guide here.

Leavers in Meal Manager (Cypad)

In order for them to no longer be passed to Cypad (at which point they should change to Closed on Cypad and Anonymised), you will need to follow the Delete Leavers process in Schoolcomms.
here to access the Cypad/Meal Manager Leavers help guide.


Amend existing or create new Clubs and connecting payment requests.

Access the Clubs help guide here

Add new students to Clubs and Payment requests once they have been imported after they have reached date of admission in your MIS.

Adding/amending Bank Details

As part of our improving security standards, schools will be asked for proof of ownership when adding new bank accounts to Schoolcomms.

Access the Bank Accounts help guide here


Amend existing or create new payment requests for the new academic year. 

Access the Payment Requests help guide here

Please Note: Schoolcomms recommends that a new payment request is created if a vast sum of monies has been collected to prevent time-outs.


For credit balances for leavers etc, access the Refunds help guide here

Text Credits

Top up text credits to ensure you have enough for the new academic year. Access the Ordering Text Credits help guide here.

Space Usage

To ensure you have enough space to send messages, archive messages and clean up the inbox.

Access Archiving via the Web (Sent Items) help guide here

Schoolcomms Dinners

Amend existing or create new Dinner Plans for the New Academic year. Add new students to the Dinner Plan and connecting payment request once they have been imported after they have reached date of admission in your MIS. Access Schoolcomms Dinners help guide here.

UIFSM year groups will not be updated until the first import is run following your Academic promotion being completed in your MIS. We would advise that you do not allow parents to pre-book meals in the Summer.

Meal Manager

To ensure that UIFSM meals are charged correctly on your first day of term, run an import in Schoolcomms before 11am so that the updated year groups will be passed to Cypad.
Depending on when the first import in the new academic year is run in Schoolcomms, pupils and class groups will update in Cypad after the next data sync:
School members – 6am, 11am, 3pm, and 6pm each day.

The status of leavers will change to Closed and they will be anonymised on the next Cypad sync. Once they have been deleted from Schoolcomms, they will then no longer appear on the Whiteboard.

Access the Meal manager help guide here.

School Gateway

Encourage your new and existing parents to register for School Gateway. Useful letter templates can be found in the School Gateway Success Guide here.

Also see App/Payments invites in Messaging templates.
Access the Full Parent Guide here.
Access the School Gateway help guide here

Please remind parents to ensure that they are on the most recent version of School Gateway for the best user experience.

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