How to find the 'ParentPay2020.xml' report definition file

On occasion, you may need to find the ParentPay2020.xml report definition file to send to support to help with an upload issue. This file is used by MIS Sync to define the data being sent to ParentPay each time you upload data.  If there are errors in the file, or it is out of date, you may receive errors when attempting an upload.

This article will teach you...

How to access and download a report definition file from a SIMS installation.

NOTE The SIMS user will need the following roles enabled:

  • Employee
  • 3rd party reporting

They will also need to have write permissions to be able to save the file to the target location.  By default this is C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS\SIMS .net.  If they do not have such permissions an error will be received.

Locating the file

  1. Launch SIMS
  2. Go to Reports > Run report with Focus > Student
  3. Locate the ParentPay2020 report and double-click on it.
    (You may have a later version with a different year value)
  4. A notification will be received stating that the .xml file has been saved.



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