MIS Sync - Root Element is missing

Root Element is Missing


If the MIS Sync log file contains the error Root element is missing, Please follow the steps below:-

1 Log into MIS Sync
2. Go to Tools > Settings > SIMS and check that there are valid SIMS credentials as well as a path (you may need to click the yellow folder to populate this).  Please also make sure the Server and Database name boxes are blank. Click Test the setting and then Save.

2) Navigate to Tools >Settings >SIMS report - You should be able to see a list of reports here including the parentpay2020 report. If you cannot see any reports click reset.

3. Log into SIMS.net

Under Reports > run report > focus > student you should see a parentpay2020 rep def file.

If this file is missing, login to MIS Sync, select  Tools > Settings > SIMS report  and click reset.