How to set up an additional bank account

If you have not already registered your new Bank Account, you must first enter the details of the new account

(Please note if you are adding a Caterer or Local Authority bank account, this may need to be done centrally so please contact the Support team on 02476 994820)

  1. Go to Finance>Manage Bank accounts
  2. Select Add new bank account
  3. Complete all the requested information and click Save these details
  4. An overview of the details of the bank account you are adding will show on screen, check the details are correct and click Confirm new account
  5. You can link your new bank account to payment items you setup immediately however parents will be unable to see and pay for the item until ParentPay support have set the bank account live on your system
  6. In the event that you notice a mistake click on Edit details, to make your amendments then click Confirm new account
  7. Confirmation of your new account details will appear on screen with the status of ‘Awaiting approval by ParentPay’ which means your newly added account has been submitted to our support team to set live
  8. Once the bank account shows the status ‘Live awaiting approval’ payers are able to pay for payment items linked to this bank account but money CANNOT be settled to the account until confirmation of ownership of the bank account is received by ParentPay
  9. Evidence should be scanned & emailed or faxed copy of one of the following:
    • Bank Account Statement
    • Cheque
    • Confirmation letter from bank (less than 28 days old, including contact details at the bank), these should be sent to - Email: or Faxed: 01278 501070

Once the account has been registered on ParentPay,  please follow the below guidance to change the bank account on any appropriate payment items.

  1. Go to Payment Items>View/Edit Payment items
  2. Select the payment item you wish to change bank account for
  3. Click on the Edit item icon   mceclip0.png
  4. Go to Finance and Accounting section
  5. Select new Bank Account
  6. Select the date the change is applicable from (please note this can only be changed for a date in the future)
  7. Click Save
  8. Repeat the process for any other relevant payment items
  9. Please note that the changes will take effect overnight.
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