Merging Pupil Accounts

Where payers have more than one child at a ParentPay school (even multiple ParentPay schools) it is possible to combine the accounts to create one set of login details for all children.

Payers are able to do this by clicking the Add a Child option from within their Payer Account.

Whilst payers are able to do this, schools also have the ability to merge the accounts of siblings within their school, if the parent or carer is struggling to take the necessary action.

This can only be done before either pupil is activated. Please note that if one is active, and the other is not, merging them on your end will not add the pupil to their account, they would still need to add them themselves. 

If payers do this themselves they need to activate one of their accounts and then merge the other accounts to that account using the activation codes provided to them.
Parents do not need to have activated any of their accounts for the school to merge accounts for them.

Go to People > Payers > Find the child then click on the Merge/Split Icon



You will the need to click on merge account button and type in the forename or surname of the pupil you want to merge in the pupil name box




Tick the radio button next to the payers name then click on merge now 





You will then be asked if you want to make the following the new primary contact and you need to click on Yes.




The pupil will then be merged with the sibling




If you need to provide login details to the payer the People > Payer screen will provide you with the relevant activation details for the merged account.