How to create a new payment item

A variety of payment items are available to accommodate the different types of payments that you
might wish to collect. These are covered in the Payment item overview document should you
require a breakdown of the different types.

Once you have decided the type of payment item that suits your requirements you will need to go
to Payment items > Create payment item to proceed to set up your new payment item.

1. Select the appropriate category from the drop down box or if no appropriate category
exists choose ‘Other’ and enter your own category name.
2. Select Next.


3. Choose the relevant payment item type
4. Select Next.


5. Review the configuration on the summary screen to confirm that the automatic settings
have been allocated correctly. A summary of the available fields and what the options
are is provided below to assist you with configuring your payment item correctly.



6. Choose the bank account you would like to credit payments to for the new payment item


7. (Optional) You are able to use up to six reporting codes. You can enter these in the Account Code
and Description boxes or you can selected from the pre populated drop down menus. The reporting
codes will be included in certain reports and in your settlement statements


8. Select Save
9. Confirm the details and then select OK to create your new payment item.

Now that the payment item is created you will need to assign pupils, staff and visitors to it in order for
parents to see and make use of it. For guidance on how to assign people to a payment item, please refer
to the Assigning pupils to a payment item document.

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