Classroom Selection management

All schools with Classroom selection have a Classroom selection secondary tab within Attendance, meals & events. This will provide access to the main functions of Classroom selection including the ability to Make/edit meal choices for pupils, Set up lunchtime sittings, and Set up meal choices. There are also two reports available, specifically for Classroom Selection management.

Make/edit meal choices

Previously, if a pupil was late to school and the teacher had already confirmed the class meal choices, the office staff would have the option to record whether the pupil would be having a meal, but not the choice. The Make/edit meal choices feature allows a member of staff with manager access to ParentPay to view whether the class meal choices have been submitted, and record the meal choice for a pupil or class.


Recording a meal choice for a pupil:


WARNING: If a school’s ParentPay manager makes and saves any minor changes to the meals of a class with unconfirmed classroom selections (For example; a pupil who is late to school), the teacher will be unable to submit the meal choices for the rest of the class. If the school’s ParentPay manager does unintentionally record a meal for a pupil in an unconfirmed class, they would need to mark the meal choices for the rest of the pupils in that class.


Setting up lunchtime sitting

Schools who have different lunchtime sitting for Key Stage groups, year groups, or classes can now set these up within the ParentPay system. Schools can create a maximum of 3 different sittings and can select the sitting groups when running reports.


1 - Navigate to Attendance, meals and events

2- Select Settings

3 - Set up lunchtime settings

4 - Check the boxes of any year groups or classes to be included in the settings

5 - Select save changes




NOTE: A warning triangle will be displayed against any classes that are not included in a sitting group. This symbol is for information only, and will not affect the ability to save the sitting groups.


Setting up meal choices

The Set up meal choices page allows schools to select from the meal choices available to be used within the Classroom selection module



This can be accessed in Attendance, meals & events > Classroom selection > Set up meal choices.


Classroom selection reports


There are two reports available which are specifically designed to be used with Classroom selections. The reports are:
• Classroom selection kitchen numbers report

• Classroom selection attendance report


Classroom selection kitchen numbers report

The Classroom selection kitchen numbers report provides meal and event information related to the selections confirmed by the teachers or a ParentPay manager.

The report will display the number of each meal choice selected. If dietary requirements or school office selected meals were selected when creating the report, the information will also be displayed in the report data.
The report can then be printed, or exported into Excel, and the details provided to the kitchen.


Classroom selection attendance report

This report provides a list of pupils who have made meal choices, and their selections. This can then be used to manually check the pupil’s attendance at lunchtime. Any changes to the pupil’s meal can then be edited on the system.


The report can then be downloaded to Excel or printed, and the details provided to the kitchen.



The connection is lost between the Teacher’s Classroom Selection application and the main ParentPay site.

On the teacher’s classroom selection application, a time stamp is now displayed at the top of the screen. This should automatically update every 30 seconds when the changes are saved. If the time stamp has not updated in more than 30 seconds, it usually indicates an issue with the internet connection, and the school’s IT technician should be contacted.

The teachers are unable to confirm the classroom selections.

The most likely cause of this issue is the ParentPay manager having recorded a meal for a late pupil without confirming whether the class meal choices have been submitted.
If the manager records a meal for an unconfirmed class, the teacher will not be able to submit the rest of the meal choices. The manager will be required to enter the rest of the meals for that class.