Recording Lunchtime Attendance

The process for recording your meal attendance in ParentPay will differ depending on your specific requirements. The below guidance will help you record the number of pupils taking a meal and will enable you to identify different types of meals should you need to.

You will not be able to record attendance for meals until you have created a relevant Meal Type(s) and have a valid Meal Period set. Please refer to the Meal Types guidance if you have not yet actioned this.

How to record Attendance for a School Meal

To record attendance for a school meal go to Attendance, Meals & Events > Attendance


The attendance screen will be displayed. You can also use the options at the top of the list to show your Free School Meal entitlement, the pupils account balance, and to view the Event Key should you wish to.

If you have set meal patterns, your attendance screen will show the attendance according to the patterns.

You can add or remove attendance marks as required

If you are recording attendance manually (for example you have not set up patterns) you will be able to mark your attendance for the individual pupils that require a school meal.
In order to record attendance click in the empty box for the relevant pupil on the relevant day. The field will change colour to your default meal event type and a green tick will appear in the box. This signifies that a meal has been taken and billed (charged for).


If you have more than one meal type set up (for example you provide a Hot Meal and Jacket Potato meal) you are able to toggle between meal types to ensure pupils (or staff) are recorded as having the correct meal.

To toggle between meals click on the icon to the left of the green tick box.



The toggle option will also enable you to switch to your other event/meal types, for example Staff paid meal or Staff duty meal.
Your event types are all shown within the key and you can click Show key at any time to view the event options.


To remove a meal recorded in error, or if a pupil did not take a meal on a specific day, click on the green tick box and a red cross will appear. This will cancel the attendance by removing the meal and will adjust the pupils balance accordingly.

Once you have recorded your attendance remember to click Save.

Bulk Updating - You can use the white tick boxes next to the listed names, or below the week day to populate the meals for an entire day, or week for an individual student or whole group selected. If most of your pupils take a school meal you may find this option quicker. You can then remove the ticks from the pupils that are not taking a school meal.

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