Creating a variable payment item (for nursery fees)

To enable parents of nursery children to pay for their individual extra nursery hours by a combination of online payments, child care vouchers, cash and cheque, a variable payment can be set-up.

To set-up the payment item go to Payment item > Create other payment item 

You will first need to select a category for the payment item then click Nextmceclip0.png

From the list, click on the type of payment item as Repeatable, variable amount




Complete the payment item details, to include the payment item, name, description and default amount value (this should be the same as the minimum amount), as shown below.



Complete the minimum and maximum amount payable, In the case of the example below the minimum is 1 extra hour of nursery at £10.00 and the maximum is the full amount that could be paid for the year. As a nursery you can determine what these values should be.





If allowing payments by PayPoint, ensure the PayPoint bar code enabled box is ticked.




Assign the bank account that you want the nursery payment items to be settled to 

Include any cost centre and account codes required, as shown below.


When completed, select Save payment item, to save the payment item.




Go to Attendance, meals and events > Settings > Events types and prices. Select Morning from the Choose time drop down menu, as shown below.


Select Create New and complete the fields as show below.


Click Save.

Now go to Attendance, meals and event > Settings > Events types and prices. 

 Select Morning from the Choose time drop down menu and Nursery fees from the Choose Type drop down menu.

Click on Manage Periods. In New period add the date you want the payment period to start from and the end date, in the dd/mm/yyyy format.

Add a £0.00 value for the price and £0.0 rate for VAT if non Vatable.

Assign the period to the nursery payment item, listed in the drop down menu under payment item.



Click Save.

Assign the children you want to be assigned to the payment item. This can be a global assign, if you require all pupils in the nursery.

The payment item is now created and set-up to receive online payments, nursery vouchers, cash and cheques.

Any outstanding amounts can be debited from the pupil accounts and the balance will display for payers to see (see support sheet 'Managing payments for nursery fees' for details on how to do this)

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