How to enter an individual pupil price

Note: This option is only possible for Fixed cost payment items.

You can customise the amount due per pupil on a fixed-cost payment item, making it easy to apply a subsidy where appropriate. This is especially useful for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium, to reduce the rate for siblings, to implement school bursaries, or for a payment item with variable charges such as library fines.

To configure individual costs:

  1. Navigate to Payment items > View other payment item
  2. Locate the relevant payment item 
  3. Select the View people icon on the right side of the payment item
  4.  Select Edit assigned peoplemceclip0.png

  5. Enter Group 1 = Pupil
  6. Enter Group 2 = All (or search by year/reg group)
  7. Select Searchmceclip1.png
  8. Locate the Individual amount box that is to the left of the target pupil's name.
  9. Enter the amount to be charged for that pupil.
  10. If required, enter a note giving the reason for the differing charge in the Comment text box.mceclip2.png
  11. Select Save settings.