How do I amend the VAT rate for Staff or Visitor meals

In order to amend the VAT rate on Staff and/or Visitor meals

  1. Go to Attendance, meals and events > Settings > Event types and prices
  2. Choose time Lunch time
  3. Choose type e.g Staff meal
  4. Select Manage periods



  1. Go to Create new period section
  2. Under New period. enter the following information
  • Start date – date change is applicable from
  • End date
  • Price – this is the total amount the payer will pay
  • FSM price to diner – should be the same as price
  • Price to school – price excluding VAT
  • VAT rate – enter the VAT rate with one decimal place
  • Payment item – Use the drop down box to select the correct
  • Click Save


  1. Check the details that you have entered are correct
  2. Click Confirm


Any meals recorded after the start date will reflect the new VAT rate in the Summary returns general report (Report 05)

Please remember to complete this process for all affected event types.

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