How to extract pupil data from SIMS into a .CSV

Normally, SIMS uploads are performed using the ParentPay MIS Sync tool which, once correctly configured, will enable specific data e.g. Pupil records to be imported into your ParentPay system.
It is also possible to extract the data directly from SIMS using the steps below. You may be asked to do this if your MIS Sync tool is not functioning or if a member of the support teams require the data for analysis.

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How to run a report within SIMS to extract pupil data.

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To extract the pupil data from SIMS as a .CSV export:

  1. Log in to SIMS.
  2. Go to Reports > Design report.
  3. Select the Parentpay2020 report (or later).
  4. Complete the reports field requirements within the wizard.
  5. In the last step ensure that you save the output as a comma separated values (.CSV) file.

You can now send this to ParentPay for analysis if you have been asked to do so via the Communication > Files data share (please do not email personal data, we will not ask you to do this).

Alternatively, you can use this file within MIS Sync to upload the records by selecting it as the target file in the Manual upload part of the Pupil tab.

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