Error uploading Pre-admission pupils

In preparation for a new academic year, you may have uploaded pre-admission pupils. You may encounter an issue if you try to perform another upload.

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How to fix an issue where the error message states "This will archive more than (X%) of pre-admission accounts"


If you have recently attempted an upload and the error message shows the above error, this upload would have archived all of the existing pre-admission accounts on ParentPay.

To keep these accounts, you must upload a complete file each time, not just the new additions.

Try adding the new pre-admission students to the bottom of your master upload sheet and uploading again.

I don't need my pre-admission pupils anymore. What do I do? 

If the existing accounts are no longer required, please go to People > Uploads > Archive Preadmissions and click Archive now and Confirm.

Row 6 Image 1 CO.png

Row 6 Image 2 (additional step).png

Once done you can attempt any new uploads again.


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