How do I add a logo, letterhead, or signature to letters/Emails?

Within the ParentPay Communications centre there are plenty of templates ready to use.  These templates may need some personalisation before being sent out to the recipients. Personalisation may be adding the school’s letterhead, logo, or signature.


Letterheads, logos, or signatures can be uploaded to the communication as a picture file.  The supported file formats are .jpg .jpeg or .png.  Only one image can be added to a letter or email at any given time. These images can only be used on printed letters or emails, not SMS messages.

  1. When creating any email or printed letter within the ParentPay system, follow the usual steps.
  2. Select Edit to make changes to the body of the email/letter
  3. Drag the <signature/> field code from the list of field codes into the main body of the message.
  4. The placement of the field code determines the placement of the image.



Although the field code used to add an image is <signature/>, it can be used to add any image to the letter or email.

  1. Select Continue
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  3. In the signature box, select the Enable header/signature check box


  1. Select Choose file and browse for the letterhead, logo, or signature image


  1. Select Update image.


  1. The selected image will be displayed in the signature box above


The image displayed in the signature box is displayed at the same size as it will render within the communication. If the image is too large or small in the display, it is advisable to resize it in an image editing program such as Paint 3D, and upload it again.

  1. Select Continue to message options and complete the process in order to generate the letter/ emails with your letterheads, please see example below.



Selecting Send messages when creating an email will automatically send emails to all the selected recipients. You will not have access to review the message in its final format before it is sent.

Selecting Send massages for a printed letter will not automatically print the letters. It will allow you to review the letters in a PDF format before choosing whether to print them.


When editing the images in Paint (or another image editing program) the recommended sizing for the different image types are as follows:

Letterhead:     400-450px wide

Logo:                 80-100px wide

Signature:       75-100px wide


These sizings are for guidance only. You may find that your images need to be made smaller or larger than the sizes outlined above.

If you are intending to send the message as an email, ParentPay recommends creating a printed letter with the image on the letter to check sizing before sending the email.

Please be aware that all images will be left aligned, and cannot be changed to right aligned.

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