How to install MIS Sync for Connected


And here there's some critical information you have to know!

  • MIS Sync must be installed on the same PC or server as the SIMS open VPN connector.
  • The MIS credentials required below must be the 3rd Party Login ones provided during connection to SIMS Connected. These are the only login that will work - you cannot use any other SIMS credentials. If you do not have them please contact ESS to get them before proceeding.


  1. Download and install MIS Sync in the same location as the open VPN connector.
    (See How to get the latest version of MIS Sync to find the latest version of the software).
  2. Enter a ParentPay Username.
  3. Enter a ParentPay Password.
  4. Enter the school's Organisation ID in the format: school-x-xxxxxx
    (This can be found on your ParentPay Manager Application home page in the top right corner).
  5. Select SIMS in the drop-down box.

  6. Once logged in navigate to Tools>Settings>SIMS
  7. Enter the MIS username using the 3rd party login details provided by ESS
  8. Enter the MIS password using the 3rd party login details provided by ESS
  9. Select the yellow folder icon to populate the SIMS location field
    (The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS\SIMS .net though this may vary)
  10. Select Test these Settings to verify the credential and location
    If a login error is displayed, confirm the login credentials are correct with ESS and that the location entered is correct - remember this must be the local path on the server or PC that has the open VPN connector installed.
  11. Select Save.