How to manage failed bank transfer payments

Failed payments typically occur when ParentPay is unable to collect money from a payers bank as part of the bank transfer process.

You can see these in the Failed bank transfer payments report in Payment Items > Reports

When such a failure occurs, the payer is notified via email and through a notification on their account when they next log in.  

Below shows an example of the message text:


Once a failure has occurred, the parent will need to complete the payment again using an alternate method supported by the school, such as a credit or debit card, in order to complete their purchase. This is due to the bank transfer option being blocked due to the failure.

You will need to confirm that a successful payment has been made before providing any goods or services. Should they have already been provided, you should seek alternative payment at your earliest convenience.

NOTE: ParentPay is not able to tell payers why a bank transfer has failed therefore payers will need to contact their bank to determine why the payment failed.

NOTE: Bank transfer payments can take up to ten days to process the initial setup and first payment, and up to four days for any subsequent payments, due to the direct debit processes being used. It is impossible for ParentPay to confirm payment has been successful until this time has elapsed. A failed payment indicates that the bank transfer payment attempt has failed and that the funds need to be reclaimed using another payment method.

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