Why is my SIMS Attendance upload showing warnings against the upload?

Occasionally, the SIMS Attendance upload file will show a warning against a registration group to indicate that not all pupils default meals have been imported correctly.  This does not mean that the whole import has failed or even that the whole class has but does mean that a number of pupils within the target class could not be correctly processed.

The diagram below shows how this may appear with a report of 1 or more partially imported registers along with a warning icon next to the affected classes.

This is normally the result of the SIMS Attendance upload trying to send data for children who are not uploaded as pupils into ParentPay.  Invariably this is caused by preadmission children, commonly nursery children, who have an admission start date that has passed but have not yet been taken on-role within the school.

To resolve the issue you need to identify which children exist in the SIMS Attendance upload that aren't in the pupil upload.

From the schools perspective, you need to look at all children who have not been marked as on-role that have an admission start date in the past and amend their admission date, or remove them from the system (SIMS) if they are not going to attend the school.

In SIMS you should use the following:
  • Focus
    • Admissions
      • Applications
        • Start Date    - amend this value to a date in the future for when the pupil is likely to start at the school.
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