How to find activation codes for parents

Activation codes are automatically generated for each payer when you upload your pupil data.
Once parents have activated their accounts they may, at times, need a reminder of their user
details or a password reset.

Go to People > Payers


Choose group 1: Pupil
Choose group 2: select the year or registration group, or alternatively select All

Click Search.

A list of the pupils with their associated payers will appear.


The username will display next to each payer. If a payer has NEVER activated their ParentPay account you will be able to select the View Password icon (eye icon) . If a payer has activated their account you will be able to see their Username but for security reasons you will not have the option to view the password.

The information displayed on this page will help managers identify how many of their accounts
have been activated. Managers can click on the Email column header and any account with an
email address will be listed at the top of the page. Users will have been required to enter an
email address when they activated their accounts.

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