How Do I Remove a Payer From a Child’s Account?

There may be instances where payers are required to be removed from accounts. Sometimes the reason for this can be very sensitive, for example in the event of a deceased parent, or if a child has been placed with a carer.  In these instances prompt action is required to ensure as little distress as possible to the affected parties.

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How to split a payer account from a child

School Managers can split a payer away from a pupil account.

You first need to create the new payer/carer as a Second Payer. How do I create a second payer (additional payer) account

Once you have created the second payer account you then need to split the previous carer from the pupil.

  1. Using the 'Search' option, find the pupil
  2. Click on the pupil's name
  3. Next to the previous carer's name, you need to select Merge/Split accounts
  4. Select the Split Account button and choose the child you wish to split from the account. When you click Split now, scroll down the screen and you will be prompted to save the Second Contact as the new Primary Contact. Click Save and you are done.
  5. The new carer will be the primary contact and the previous carer will have been split from the pupil and no longer have access to the pupil details.

Should you require any further assistance in this matter please do not hesitate to let us know.

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