Communication Centre field codes

What are field codes?

Field codes are sometimes referred to as merge codes and are commonly seen in mail merges and online forms. They allow the data associated with a customer record to be used in a generic mail or email run, personalising the data for each correspondent.

Where are they?

The merge fields are found in Communication > Create letter when editing any of the available templates within the Write or edit your message text section.

How do I use them?

To apply a merge field to a message, drag it from the right-hand panel (labelled Merge fields) into the left-hand text box where you’d like it to appear.





What do the codes mean?

If you hover over any of the merge codes you will be shown a simple explanation of their purpose, as detailed in the table below.  You can also see how they can be applied by looking at the existing communication templates and producing a sample letter run to see what each parent or guardian would receive.


  • A 'recipient' is a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult who is a ParentPay account holder associated with a specific child.  The information for a recipient is also visible in People > Payers.
  • A 'consumer' is a child, staff member, visitor, or other person that makes use of the ParentPay system and is added to a recipient's account. Most of the information for a consumer is also visible in People > Pupils and staff.


Title of the recipient


First name of the recipient


Last name of the recipient


Postal address of the recipient


Username of the recipient. Prior to activation, this will be a system-generated code. Post activation this will show the user's email address


Password of the recipient. Prior to activation, this will be a system-generated code. Post activation this will show 'Changed by User'.


Email address of the recipient


First name of the consumer


Last name of the consumer


Address of the consumer (MIS Sourced)


Year group of the consumer


Registration group of the consumer


Parental salutation sourced from school MIS system (MIS Sourced)


End date of last FSM period of the consumer


Name of Payment Item chosen when adding recipients (if more than one payment item is selected, it will be the first one that caused the consumer to be added to the recipient list


Consumer’s (Pupil/Staff/Visitors) balance on the Payment Item selected (NOTE: this only applies to event-related items which have an event type linked to them or the balance will not pull through)


Total paid for consumer on the Payment Item given by


Date of the message run


Adds a PayPoint barcode unique to the consumer and selected Payment Item.
NOTE: PayPoint must be enabled (ticked) in the Payment Item setup screen for this to be available. Trips module payments are enabled by default.


Instruction to enable the upload of one image (one of either logo, letterhead, signature, or footer)

<consumerrepeater>insert text</consumerrepeater>

Used when sending a communication to more than one payer i.e. Additional Payer Activation Letter

<servicerepeater>insert text</servicerepeater>

Used when sending balance-related communication to more than one payer i.e. a debt letter to 2 payers


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