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Edit the Public Description Message

When Payers access their ParentPay accounts they are able to view the Public Description
message for any schools they have an account associated with.



Many schools use this message area to communicate important messages or information and
to encourage parents to engage in other relevant communications.

To edit the Public Description message

  1. Go to Settings > Site data.
  2. Go to the Public description field in the Company information section.
  3. Edit the description.
    You can edit your Public description as often as you like. Try making your text interesting by using different styles and links to relevant information.
    • Using bold/italics: for bold use * in front of and after * the text; for italics use % in
      front of and after % the text.
    • To link to other websites or documents placed on your own website, simply enter the
      full website address.
    • To link to an email address use the format
  4. Click Save.

Update school contact details

Ensure that your school’s address, main contact email address and contact numbers are
correct. The email address you supply here will be used by ParentPay to contact you and will
also be the email address that is displayed within emails you send to your parents via the
ParentPay Communication Centre.

  1. Go to Settings > Site data.
  2. Complete all relevant fields in the Company information section.
  3. Click Save.

User messaging

Parents are able to send messages to a school from within their ParentPay login. These
messages are sent directly to the schools ParentPay Manager site via the ParentPay servers
and are not sent via email.

If you have been sent a new message the Warning Message located on your My ParentPay
home screen will reflect this:

If you do not want your parents to have this facility you are able to opt-out of the User
Messaging feature.

  1. Go to Settings > Site data.
  2. Under the Feature opt-out section, un-tick the User messaging option.
  3. Select Save.


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