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Company Information

This section contains information about the identification, public description, default contact details and details of MIS and Cashless systems used.


Company ID, external id and name


These fields are set by ParentPay and are used to identify schools and organisations.  They should only be changed upon request as they may link to other systems that also need to be considered.  If you would like to alter them, please contact the support team.


Public description


This information is displayed in the Payer Account application.  This is an ideal location to place key information about the school.




To edit the Public description message:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Site data
  2. Go to the Company information section.
  3. Edit the Public description.  Different styles are possible and links can be added where relevant information. 
    • Using bold/italics: for bold use * in front of and after * the text; for italics use % in front of and after % the text
    • To link to other websites or documents placed on your own website, simply enter the full website address
    • To link to an email address use the format mail to:

  4. Select Save when finished.


Contact name, email, phone, fax, address


This section contains the contractual contact information used when setting up a new ParentPay site.  It will contain the physical location of the site along with the contact details of the contract owner (invoice payer).  This is often a member of the senior leadership team or the key contact within a catering group, local authority or MAT and may be used to communicate significant changes to systems or policies, or where it is deemed important by ParentPay that the key contact be informed.

The email address is also used as the reply-to address when using the ParentPay Communication Centre (PCC).


Please note: The Contact Details section should be use to provide your primary support contact, catering contact and data protection contact(s).


MIS system, Cashless system


These fields should only be amended upon request by ParentPay as changes could affect your system adversely if you have other integrations.  Please contact the support team should you wish to amend them.

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