How to deactivate manager accounts

Periodically, you will need to remove user accounts from your system such as when a member of staff leaves.

Please note: GDPR requires controllers and processor to implement appropriate measures to ensure an appropriate level of security. It is strongly recommended that you review all manager accounts termly and remove any manager no longer at your site.

  1. Login to ParentPay using your manager account
  2. Navigate to Settings > Manage users
  3. Select View/edit manager accounts
  4. A list of existing accounts is displayed
  5. Select the checkbox next to the account you wish to remove
  6. Select Deactivate
  7. The manager will no longer be visible on the View/edit manager accounts screen

    NOTE: If you suspect you will need to reuse an email address that is about to be deactivated, you should edit the account to be a different address before deactivating it.