Payments License

You can collect parental consent using your Schoolcomms Payments licence by completing the following steps:

From the blue menu bar on the right select create Payment request.



You will now see a form to complete the details of the payment request. Please complete the following steps:

  • Name of Payment – this is the name that will appear to parents within School Gateway.
  • Type of payment – please choose from the drop-down menu: No charge: use for consent/sign up only.
  • Visibility – input your visibility dates of how long parents will be able to give their consent via School Gateway. NB: After the visible to date has expired the ability for the parent to give their consent online will cease.
  • Event Date – please tick if you have a date to add for the event/activity you are collecting consent for if not please do not tick.
  • Additional Information and Consent Guidance – please put anything you wish your parents to know at the point of providing consent i.e. times, that an email has been sent about this or a question you may want to ask the parent for example will you child be wanting a morning or afternoon session.
  • Require Payer Comment – only tick this box if you have asked a question in the previous above box that you require a response from the parent for.
  • Bank account – please select a bank account from your list of accounts.
  • Cost centre – please enter a code if you have one that relates to the consent you are collecting, otherwise you can leave this blank.
  • Due date – please enter the date you would ideally like to have collected all the consent by. This date must fall between the two visibility dates that you entered earlier.
  • Amount – leave at £0.00.
  • Add your groups or members you would like to add to the payment request. You can do this either by using the search bar or scrolling through the relevant group or members section on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the groups/members you wish to select. They will then turn blue. Click the add button so the names move to the box on the right-hand side. If you move across a name by accident that should not be there, please just click the “x” by that person’s name to remove them.

Click Save in the top right-hand corner.

You will now be asked to compose a message. Click yes to go to the screen where you can compose an email to send to all the people you have just added to the Payment Request, letting them know they can give their consent via School Gateway.




To collate the consent given & any answers given by parents (if you clicked require payer comment as explained above) please do the following:

Go to your Payment Reports which can be found on the blue menu bar on the left-hand side in your Payments screen.

From the list of reports select the Payment Request Overview.

Using the search bar on the left-hand side please type in the name of the payment request you made and then when it appears click onto it to display in the middle of the screen.

You will then see all the names of the people listed in the payment request.

If you look to the far-right hand side, you will see you have the blue headers of Consent and Payer Comment. Until someone has given their consent it will show as false but once given will change to true. In the Payer Comment column, you will see any answer a parent has left.