How to prioritise and who to send to

How to determine the email/phone number used when communicating


Each activated parent or carer on ParentPay will have a variety of email addresses and phone numbers associated with their account.  Each of these may potentially be used to communicate with them but only one will be chosen during a communication run, based on your priority structure.




  • Learn how communication priorities are configured and why one available email or number will be used in preference to another.
  • Learn how to apply priorities to a communication.


Start by creating a new communication (letter, email, and/or SMS) (go here for more details on how to do this).

During step 2 the following options are available:



By selecting ‘Priority’ Normal the contact data will be sourced in the following order:




By selecting ‘Priority’ Urgent the contact data will be sourced in the following order:




Once you have selected the ‘Priority’ you will need to decide if you wish to send to the Primary payer only.



Or if you wish to send to All payers (this will send to any additional accounts registered on ParentPay for the pupil).




Please note: We recommend that when sending sensitive or personal messages you leave the Priority as Normal and the Verified email address only box or Verified mobile numbers only box ticked to ensure you are only sending communication to those parents or carers who have verified that they are the recipient.


If you have additional payers set up on your system you will need to select to Send to All Payers however to ensure this works correctly you will also need to add the <consumerrepeater> instruction to the beginning of your communication and the </consumerrepeater> instruction at the end of your communication.