How do I send a message to all parent accounts (primary and additional)?

When sending letters to all parents including additional accounts

Sometimes it is necessary to send out correspondence to all parents/carers which also includes additional accounts.  If the correspondence is a new template or is something that you have created, it is important to include the correct merge codes.  The merge codes required will ensure that your correspondence reach all parents/carers of the children within the message run.

  1. Log in to your ParentPay manager account, navigate to Communication > Create letter or Email & SMS.

  2. Either select a template from the existing drop-down list or click Create new message.

  3. Tick the Send as printed letter and or the Send as an email, depending on how you wish to send your message.

    Send_as_printed_letter.PNG or Send_as_an_email.png

  4. Click Edit under the chosen media
  5. The merge code <consumerrepeater> will need to be added at the top of the message, plus any other merge codes required.
  6. Left click, hold and drag the merge codes into the relevant position of your document.



  7. Drag the field code </consumerrepeater> to the end of the other merge fields entered above (see above image).

    Please note: <consumerrepeater> needs to be entered before any text or merge fields in the message. </consumerrepeater> would need to be at the end of any merge fields in your message.

    Please note: If you are sending a message that includes any of the ‘financial details’ merge fields such as the balance, then you would need to enter the following merge fields before and after.


  8. Enter the relevant communication for the parents.  Once the changes have been made, select Continue
  9. If sending via email as well as printed letter, select Copy to other communication methods.  This will copy the text to the Email and Text media section.


  10. Select edit Email, make the relevant changes and select Continue.

  11. If not sending via Text message, Untick Send as Text
  12. If you want to add your letterhead, logo or signature please follow the steps in the How to add a logo, letterhead or signature image guidance.
  13. Once the changes have been made, select Continue to message options
  14. Priority:
    • For printed letters set priority to normal
    • For emails set priority to urgent.
  15. Enter a subject in the Subject field section if you have chosen to send your communication via email
  16. Select Continue to add people.
  17. In the Add people/payment item, change Add group to All pupils, or any option that matches your recipient group

  18. Select Add to add the recipients to the message run
  19. Select View recipients
    Please Note: 
    There will be 2 or more recipients for some pupils as both the main and the additional accounts will be included.
  20. Deselect any parents that you do not wish to send the communication to


  21. Select Update list
  22. Select Continue to preview
  23. Select View recipients and preview messages

  24. To view any message select the Preview button

  25. Close the preview window
  26. Review the information for the message run, this will show you the breakdown of emails and letters being created. 

  27. Select Send messages
  28. The Emails will be sent immediately
  29. On the message summary screen, select View and print PDF’s to view the letters. You can then choose to print them.
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