How to check/update contact details for recipients

How to check/update contact details for recipients


There may be instances where the parent contact details in your MIS system differ to those entered in the parent account. You can view the contact details stored in both areas by going to Communication > Contacts > Individual Contact Rules.




Now select advanced options and ensure that the boxes shown below are ticked.




You will see any contact details that have been entered into your MIS system and uploaded to ParentPay (MIS Sourced contacts) and any contact details that the parents (Primary Payer) have added into their account.


Any differences between MIS and Primary Payer sourced email or mobile details are highlighted in red. You may wish to contact these parents to confirm which details are correct. If the MIS sourced details are incorrect, you will have to update your MIS system and upload to ParentPay.


If the Primary payer details are incorrect, please ask the parents to login to their ParentPay account and update them under Profile Settings.