How to send activation details via email

How to send activation details via email

Once the defaults have been configured to allow emails to be sent to non-verified email addresses, you can use the instructions below to send out the activation codes to new users:

  1. Log in to the ParentPay Manager Application (as a Manager with Overall rights)
  2. Navigate to Communication > Email & SMS
  3. In the Filter by section select the following
    • Template name = ParentPay: Activation Letter All Services
    • Created by = All
    • Communication method = All
  4. In the Template name section, select the template you wish to use (the ParentPay default can be found by selecting Sort order = New and imported templates
    This begins the communication template, starting at the Create Message step:


    Create Message

    1. In the Printed letter section, deselect Send as printed letter
    2. In the Email section, select Send as email
    3. Adjust the content of the email to suit the needs of the school by selecting the Edit email button, making the desired changes and then selecting Save



      WARNING: Removing any field codes provided in the template may significantly impact the unique content of the email for each recipient. We strongly recommend that you make only text changes and that you do not adjust or remove any field codes unless you fully understand the impact this will have.

      Please note: Saving the email structure at this point will NOT save the communication run. If you leave this page without completing the full process you will need to complete all of the above steps again.  
    4. Select Continue to message options at the bottom of the page.   

Message Options

  1. Select Priority Urgent
  2. Select Send to = Primary payer only: one message/child
  3. In the Email settings section
    • Enter a Subject (e.g. Activation email – new intake) 
    • Deselect the checkbox labelled Send email to verified addresses only
  4. Select Continue to Add people at the bottom of the page


Add people

  1. In the Add People / payment items section, in the Add group dropdown, select Non-activated Payers
  2. Select Add
    Details of the selected group are displayed in the Selected people/payment item section
  3. To remove individual recipients
    1. Select View recipients
    2. Deselect each unrequired record
    3. Select Update list
    4. Select Continue to Preview

Preview Select

Continue to message options at the bottom of the page

      1. If required, you can now preview your message run by selecting the View recipients and preview messages dropdown
      2. Once you have reviewed the recipients and content, you should confirm the Total recipients number matches your expectations. 

Please note: This number may be lower than expected if you have recipients listed with no current email address available.  If this is the case you should update your MIS with the missing details and upload them to ParentPay, then repeat the steps above.

      1. Select Send messages to complete the process
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