How to choose recipients

When you get to the Add people page, you can select your recipients and preview the message.

You can choose the recipient group and add or exclude them from the final recipient list for sending your message.

Payment items can be assigned and sent to specific individuals or groups to chase payment or debt.

If you select the link What can I do on this page? Further information will appear with links on how to complete the relevant task.




  1. To add recipients, use the drop-down menu within the Add people / payment items section to select your recipients for the communication. (If adding a payment item as well i.e. for low balance reminders, you will also need to choose this – for further info please refer to ‘How to assign a payment item to a message’
  2. When added if you click Show Recipients you will see a list of recipients, and on the right, it will show an e-mail address if the system has found one for the relevant record
  3. Click Continue to Preview
  4. On the preview page you can click View recipients and preview messages which will display the method of communication and the details for the group you have selected.


Below this will be a message summary confirming further information and allowing the option for payers to download the letter directly from their ParentPay account.


  1. Once reviewed, click on ‘Send messages’ You will be taken to a summary page which confirms all the details of the message run including where to view and print PDFs for letters.




There will be an exception report (view recipient exception report) in here to check delivery status, and also a ‘Show recipients’ option to see who the message was sent to, and a preview too.