How to set up variable payment items for Breakfast or After School clubs

How to set up variable payment items for Breakfast/After school clubs


To enable parents to make payments for Breakfast or After School clubs by a combination of online payments, child care vouchers, cash and cheque, a variable payment can be set-up.


To set-up the payment item

  1. Go to Payment item>create other payment item
  2. Select category: Wraparound care then click Next


  1. Select Repeatable at the top and then choose repeatable variable amount from the options given.


4. Click next and complete the payment item details



  1. Go to the Costs section
  2. Enter the default amount as the cost of one session
  3. Enter the minimum and maximum amounts


  1. Go to The Bank accounts and accounting codes section
  2. Assign the bank account that you want the payments to be settled to
  3. If the payments are settled to a local authority, caterer or MAT bank account, you may have to enter cost centre and account codes.


  1. Go to the Other section and tick the relevant boxes


  1. Click Save payment item
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